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Belting a winter jacket

Belting a winter jacket Today I am showing an outfit belting a winter jacket. Usually I show my outfits without jacket (who would want to see that, anyway? I would look rather boring and almost the same every day). Today I make an exception because I like the idea of the red belt with the winter jacket combined with red boots. Also I wanted to show the idea of belting a jacket for a pear shaped woman.

Belting a winter jacket pear shapedBelting a winter jacket

Whenever possible belt a jacket that does not have a waist. This jacket does have a waist, it is actually rather form fitting. Still I liked the idea of emphasizing my tiny waist.

I used the belt to bring some color into my outfit and repeated the color roughly with similar reds in the boots and necklace; and with my lipstick in a perfect red for me.

Belting a winter jacket feminine curvesThe 365 challenge by a pear shaped woman

This is the 223rd article that I write for the 365 day challenge. That includes no shopping for an entire year. No shoes, clothes nor handbags. I blog about  my outfits here, hoping to inspire some other pear shaped women out there.  Occasionally, I add a picture or more that I did not publish here on tumblr.

If you liked this article about belting a winter jacket, you can read the rest of my pear shaped 365 day challenge here!

More style inspiration  for pear body types on pinterest  here. 

PS: Sorry if my articles have gotten tiny. The new  job is demanding and it is sometimes difficult to keep up the posts in the previous length writing on weekends. I do not post regularly the brands and sources of my stuff right now. If you are interested in anything special, just drop me a line.

by Verena Valeria

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