What Body Shape am I: apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, inverted triangle

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What Body Shape am I: apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, inverted triangle

What body shape do I have is a question most of us have been asking themselves. First there is no ideal body shape, there are at least five. And each body shape is beautiful. This article will help you find out what body shape you have. The different types we use here are pear, apple, rectangle, inverted triangle or hourglass.


What Body shape am I? You could be pear, apple, inverted triangle, rectangle or hourglass.

Your body shape will stay with you your whole life. No matter how much weight you lose or how much you exercise, you will not attain “the one ideal” (which is usually a body shape you do not have). Whether you wear a size 2 or a size 22, your body type affects what suits you best. Proportions are as important for women with curvy figures.

Instead of wanting to change your body type – emphasize your advantages! Each body type has several beautiful parts you can highlight (and downplay others if you do not like them as much).

Of course not every woman falls exactly into one of the categories. You might not be exactly an hourglass, but an hourglass with pear tendencies. Or a pear with a little extra weight around your waist. The point is in choosing the body type that is the closest to your body and then use the information here to find your way to dress with your style.

Luckily you have come to the right article to get started! We will concentrate first on finding out what body type you have and then give you tips on how to dress best for it.

Find out what body shape you are

Before we start some theoretical background. The body type is mainly defined by your skeletal structure, as well as your muscle and fat distribution. Your body type should be defined after puberty however it can still change based on excercise or hormon level changes.

But enough with the theory, I want to know what body shape am I! Let’s get started:

Stand naked* in front of a full-length mirror (some feet away). It always help to ask some friends to join you as they might have a second opinion!
*Underwear can disguise your real shape!

What Body Shape am I apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, inverted triangle body shapes

Congratulations on your body shape! You might have something you complain about, but there is surely just as much about your body you can love: your wrist, ankles, bust, derriere, waist, arms,… What is your favorite part of your body?

Option 1 – Observe your body shape:

Observe your overall body shape. Focus on the shape of your torso – shoulders to hips. How do your shoulders compare to your waistline and your hips? Is your weight equally distributed?

  • Shoulders wider than waistline and hip line: Congratulations, you are an inverted triangle!
  • Hips wider than shoulders and waistline: Congratulations, you are a pear!
  • Hips and shoulders same width, waistline a lot smaller: Congratulations, you are an hourglass!
  • Shoulders, waistline and hip line about same size. If you gain weight, you gain it evenly in all areas: Congratulations, you are a rectangle!
  • Shoulders and hip line are about same size. Waistline is same size or wider than shoulders and hips: Congratulations, you are a apple!

What Body Shape am I How to determine

Get some help for your measurements. You could even ask a tailor. Get something repaired or trousers hemmed and ask him for this extra favor.

Option 2 – Measure your body shape:

Measure the widest point of your shoulders and hips, and the thinnest part of your waist. For this you will need: Cloth tape measure, a pencil and piece of paper. You can measure your body shape alone but it is advised to ask a friend for help. Getting help with the measurements ensures a better result as it is often hard to keep the measuring tape straight when doing it alone.

How to measure your shoulder: You should get help with this one as it is rather difficult to do on your own. Measure in a straight line from the outer edge from one shoulder to the other. The tape should skim the highest point of your shoulders so closely, it nearly slides off. This is the widest circumference of your shoulders.

How to measure your bust: Under the arms and around the fullest part of the chest. This is usually where your nipples are. This is the widest circumference of your bust.

How to measure your waist: Look in the mirror: which is the narrowest part of your torso? Measure this part without holding your breath or any other cheating… This is the smallest circumference of your waist.

How to measure your hips: Stand in front of the mirror with your feet close together and look at yourself: which is the widest part of your hips? Measure this part while making sure the tape is flat. Wrap it around the largest part of your buttocks, your other hip, and bring it back to the meeting point.

Once you have the measurements you can use our body shape calculator to find out your body shape!

(In case you like calculators we also have an online quiz that will tell you how well a jacket fits each body type: try our online jacket body shape calculator. We will add more quizzes soon so check back later if you liked it.)

Now that you know your body shape you can find an overview of the different body types and – most important – the style guides below:

What Body Shape am I apple

Shapely arms and legs.. and often a very feminine bust. Wow, that is an apple body shape!

Apple body type:

Your shoulders and hips are around the same size. Rectangle shaped ladies have little difference between the measurements of their chest, waist and hips. You as an apple shaped girl have chest and waist measurements that are fairly close, but your hips are about six inches smaller than your chests.

For more information please see our detailed guide for apple body types or the 10 must have wardrobe items for apples.

What Body Shape am I pear

Love that tiny waist of yours? How about your feminine hips? Congrats, you have a pear body shape.

Pear body type:

Your hips are wider than your shoulders. They are also wider than your hips, making them the widest area of your body. In numbers, your hip measurement is more than 5 percent bigger than your shoulder or bust measurements. We have a specific section for the pear body shape as well as one on ten items every pear should own.

What Body Shape am I rectangle

Rectangles have a very athletic frame. That allows them to wear boyish clothes as well as a wide range of feminine ones.

Rectangle body type:

Your shoulders, waistline, bust and hips are around the same size.

Your shoulder, bust and hip measurements are within 5 percent of each other. Your waist is less than 25 percent smaller than your shoulder or bust measurements- Waist measures from 1″ to 8″ (2,5cm – 20cm) smaller than the bust.

To see more background on your shape check out our style guide for rectangle body types as well as our recommendation for your wardrobe.

What Body Shape am I inverted triangle

Look at these shoulders! Congratulations, you are an inverted triangle.

Inverted triangle body type:

Your shoulders are wider than your hips. They are the widest part of your body. Your shoulders are more than 5 percent bigger than your hip measurement.

For inverted triangle body shapes we have a detailed guide as well as some wardrobe essentials.

What Body Shape am I: apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass

You have the body of a curve goddess from the 50s? Lucky you, you have an hourglass body.

Hourglass body type:

Your shoulders and hips are around the same size. Your waistline is significantly smaller. thew rule of thumb here is about 75%, this is what we use in the body shape calculator linked in option 2.

Your shoulder and hip measurements are within 5 percent of each other. Your waist is at least 25 percent smaller than your shoulder, hip and bust measurements. Your waist is 8″ to 12″  (2,5 – 30cm) smaller than the hip or bust measurement.

Now that you know your body shape please refer to our hourglass style guide. We have also prepared some tips in our overview of the 10 must have wardrobe items for hourglasses.

Option 3 – Details on Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle and inverted triangle body type:

Go through the detailed information and see what is closest to your body type. Based on the facts below we also have a body shape quiz you can use to find your body type!

 Apple body shape:

apple body shape

Apple body shape



  • Hips and shoulders have the same width; waistline has the same width or is wider.
  • You gain weight mainly around the waist, at least in proportion to the other parts of your body.
  • You probably have slender lower legs and arms.
  • Your high hip is wider than your lower hip.
  • Your bust and/or midriff are larger than your hips.
  • You might be short waisted.
  • Your thighs or hips are probably the narrowest part of your body.

Pear body shape:

pear body shape

Pear body shape



  • Your hips are wider than your shoulders.
  • You have round, sloping shoulders.
  • You have a well-defined waistline (and might even have killer abs).
  • Your  buttocks and thighs are full and round.
  • Pear body shapes gain weight on their thighs.

Rectangle body shape:

rectangle body shape

Rectangle body shape



  • Your hips, waistline and shoulders have about the same width.
  • Rectangles gain weight evenly, but may gain some more through the upper back or neck.
  • You have rather straight shoulders.
  • Your buttocks are flat.
  • You have an athletic build and a small bustline.

Inverted triangle body shape:

inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle body shape



  • You have prominent and broad straight shoulders – wider than your waistline or hips.
  • You have an athletic build.
  • You probably have rather flat buttocks.
  • You might have a larger chest and fuller back than rectangles.
  • When inverted triangles gain weight, they usually gain it through the torso and back area.

Hourglass body shape:

hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape

  • Your hips and shoulders have about the same width.
  • You have round and sloping shoulders.
  • You have a well-defined waistline.
  • Your cleavage is great.
  • You buttocks are rather round.
  • Your lower hips are wider than your high hips.
  • Your thighs are full but narrower than the lower hips.
  • Hourglass body shapes gain weight through the hips and above the waist.

You have reached the end of the our body shape overview. Hopefully the question “What body shape am I” is now solved and you can get ready to see what styling options you have for your body type!

If you feel up to it you can check our guide to seasonal color analysis to find out your color type!

In case you have any questions or comments on your body type please share them with us in the comments below!


  1. Gabby 29. January 2014 at 23:55 - Reply

    Thanx I’m still not sure if I’m an apple or inverted triangle

    • mar 30. January 2014 at 16:50 - Reply

      Hello Gabby,

      thanks for using our body shape guide.

      In case you know your measurements you can use our body shape calculator or our body shape quiz we have linked in the post above. Did this help you find your body type?

    • Anonymous 22. January 2015 at 18:52 - Reply

      Hey 🙂 so if my bust is 43 waist is 34 and hips are 43 what am I ?

      • mar 24. January 2015 at 17:41 - Reply

        Hey there,

        That would make you a rectangle. The “border” to hourglass would be 32, as your hips and shoulders are identical the pear or inverted triangle body types do not apply.

      • Anonymous 27. May 2015 at 22:18 - Reply

        You are a hourglass congrats!!!

  2. aunjeke 20. February 2014 at 06:36 - Reply

    I used the measurement calculator and it said I was a rectangle. . However, I do not have any of the suggested things. I gain wait in my waist and face. I have a huge bottom. So um not sure on what type I am.

    • mar 20. February 2014 at 19:37 - Reply

      Hello aunjele,

      thanks for letting us know! Rectangle means that your shoulders and hips have about the same size and that your waist is less than 25% smaller than either shoulders and hips. As you state you have a prominent bottom that should be the widest part of your body? If this is the case congratulations you are a pear.

  3. saba 3. March 2014 at 20:38 - Reply

    M still not sure… M an hourglass or a pear shape…
    My body measurment is 42-30-44… But My shoulder and hips are of same size…

  4. Gia 20. March 2014 at 19:29 - Reply

    Hello, I used, your measurement calculator, it said that I was a rectangle, which I think I am, but not sure. Can a rectangle have big thighs? The rectangle description stated, that the bust line is small, but my bust 34ddd naturally. I have narrow hips, but my thighs are big/muscular(people ask me do I run track..lol), but my bottom half of my leg is not as big. My buttocks are not that big(but tight/toned). Many people say I look athletic. I look like weigh 20lbs less than my actual weight. When I gain weight, I gain all over, including in my feet and hands. What am I ?

    • Verena 18. April 2014 at 20:21 - Reply

      Hello Gia,

      the info you gave me (calculator result – rectangle plus a very feminine bust) looks like you are a mix. The 5 categories are there as a start to figure out what suits you best. But we are all different in one way or the other, have a long or short neck, are curvy, petite, etc. You look like a mix of rectangle and hourglass.
      So try the looks for the rectangle that go for some waist definition. Skip the ones with a low waist or no waist at all. ALWAYS keep things simple around your bust: no or little shoulder pads, small lapels, no ruffles, pockets or embellishments around your bust.
      Hope that helps!

  5. kyal 5. April 2014 at 22:40 - Reply

    Shoulders…104.7 cm
    Am I a pear or hourglass body type?

    • Verena 18. April 2014 at 20:01 - Reply

      Hello kyal,

      the 5 body shapes are trying to fit in more than 3 billion women that are on this world at the moment. As with all categories, these are an approximation of reality. There are pear shaped women like me who have a slight difference between shoulders and hips, and there are pear shaped women who have a lot more hips than shoulders – and there are a lot of pear shaped women in betwwen. There are also mixtures of body types. You have a slightly curvy rectangle body type with a lot of bust. Try out both looks – the ones for rectangles and for hourglasses – while ALWAYS keeping things simple around your bust (no or little shoulder pads, small lapels, no ruffles, pockets or embellishments around your bust, etc.). See what you like yourself best in.

      Hope that helps!
      All the best in your search for your best you,

    • HunniBunni 3. June 2014 at 15:46 - Reply

      You are pear shaped, like me. =)

  6. Debbie Trey 12. April 2014 at 08:48 - Reply

    You are wonderful. My shoulder measurement is way smaller than my hip measurement but my waist measurement is larger than my shoulders’… what body type am I please

    • Verena 18. April 2014 at 20:38 - Reply

      Hello Debbie,
      there 5 categories are a starting point. Many women fit into more than category, as you probably do as well. Without knowing the exact measures, it is hard to tell, but you might have tendencies of a pear shape as well as some of an apple shape.
      My tip: Do not wear the waist around the natural waistline or a drop waist, but instead wear an empire waist line on your shirts, coats and dresses. Go for monochromatic outfits. Wear small prints, never big ones. Wear shoes with some heel. If you want to wear two colors, make sure the lighter color is just around your chest, not at your waist or hips. For an example for this look, see here: http://www.styled247.com/day-1-black-and-white-as-an-autumn-type/
      Wear colorful scarves, big necklaces and other accessories that keep the attention at your face and bust.

    • Anonymous 12. May 2014 at 21:49 - Reply

      Hey from your description you sound like a pear to me but I’m no expert soo I hope I helped!

  7. Pari 20. April 2014 at 14:13 - Reply

    HI.. i am an indian girl, 24 years old , SLIGHTLY on the heavier side….
    I have big breasts, 36 size but normal chest and shoulders. my waist line is definately less compared to hipline but I have got this huge stomach anhips, especially stomach which is like a preganant lady.. so i am fat basically in the middle region…
    I feel may be i am a bit hourglass since my waistline just below the breast is small but huge stomach.. Please help…

  8. Alyssa 29. April 2014 at 15:45 - Reply

    My bust and hips are round. My waist is small. I think I have an hourglass shape. Please help me. Thank you.

  9. Roura 5. May 2014 at 02:51 - Reply

    Hi I am so confused about my body type. My shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, I have a huge butt and pretty big boobs too. I’m pretty sure I’m an hourglass but, I don’t really have hips, just very curvy thighs. It’s weird because when I wear jeans my hips look proportionate above the waistline but without pants there’s a straight diagonal line that goes from the hips and out and meets with my curvy thighs. Since I’m somewhat younger it could be that my hips will grow in later but sometimes I think I could be an apple but then I look at my thighs…help!

  10. NG 7. May 2014 at 19:05 - Reply

    I always used to think I was an hourglass, my mom thought so too…

    a year ago a stylist meassured me and told me I was a pearshape (she did meassure my hips about 5 cm bigger than I EVER meassured then), now I meassured myself (there’s nobody home to help me) and this tells me I am an hourglass, but to be sure I added different meassurements to the calculator and if my shoulders are 3 cm narrower I am a pear shape, so I guess I’ll just have to ask my mom to meassure me later today to find closure once and for all… or just decide that I can be both: an hourglass with pear-influences or a pear-shape with hourglass influences

    • Verena 2. August 2014 at 21:00 - Reply

      Hi NG,
      you are already on the right track my dear. You can also try out another way: try the style rules for the pear shape and for the hourglass shape and see what style works best for you.

  11. Jolene 9. May 2014 at 09:56 - Reply

    Hi! When I do calculations online I always end up as a pear, but looking at myself straight on I look much more like a rectangle. My measurements are:

    Bust: 82 cm
    Waist: 69 cm
    Hips/butt: 97 cm

    My butt is quite large as I turn to the side, but from front you dont really see it. My hips looks almost just as narrow as my chest and my shoulders are definitely wider than my hips (they measure 92 cm).
    I would like to use the clothing-tips but its hard when I dont know what to count myself as.

    (excuse my english, not my native language).

    Thanks for any help!

    • Verena 3. August 2014 at 13:06 - Reply

      Hi Jolene,
      why don’t you try the body shape calculator?
      And you can be a mix of body types.
      A great help to identify your body type can be your shoulders: are they rather straight/edgy (rectangle) or roundish and sloping (pear)?

  12. Zoiey 16. May 2014 at 19:48 - Reply

    Shoulders 106cm
    Bust 1o5cm
    Waist 85cm
    Hips 95cm
    I’m 5’3 and have a little bit of belly but i’m really unsure of what i where to what shape i am??
    please help x
    thank you

  13. Anonymous 17. May 2014 at 14:14 - Reply

    Comment…I have pear body shape but I want to convert my body shape into hourglass body shape…. how’s this I make possible?

    • Verena 3. August 2014 at 12:43 - Reply

      you can achieve this by playing down your bottom (with dark colors and simple lines) and playing up your top (bright/light colors, ruffles or embellishments around your bustline) while emphasizing your waistline.

  14. Prion Indigo 27. May 2014 at 05:47 - Reply

    I am 5′ 4″, 120 lbs, with measurements of: 36-28-36 and a very defined waist, what am I?

  15. Shy girl 5. June 2014 at 02:05 - Reply

    Hello! Can you please tell what shape am I?

    Shoulders – between 37 to 37 1/2
    Bust – 34
    Waist – 29
    Hips – between 36 to 36 1/2
    And my height is 4’11

    I know i don’t have a perfect body measurement and i’m not a supermodel, but do I have an unattractive shape? Please be honest.
    Thank you very much. Hoping for your reply. God bless.

    • Verena 2. August 2014 at 22:01 - Reply

      To be honest: every women can find clothes she looks awful in. And clothes she looks great in.
      No body shape is unattractive per se! And you seem to have beautiful curves, enjoy them.

  16. Deshana 6. June 2014 at 02:56 - Reply

    I have everthing above listing and hour glass body ,but I don’t have a well-defined waistline . What type do I have .

  17. Marcella 8. June 2014 at 12:41 - Reply

    I’m definitely an hourglass, probably the only thing I love about myself apart from facial features.

  18. Anonymous 15. June 2014 at 00:35 - Reply

    my measurement is 36-28-41.shoulders smaller than hips.Pls help??wat body type am i.

  19. Sara 18. June 2014 at 23:02 - Reply

    Still kinda confused. My shoulders are about 1.5 inches wider than my hips. My hips are about 2 inches wider than my waist (my waist is very small). So… I’d be an inverted triangle, right? But I do not at all have an athletic build. I’m very petite. And my butt isn’t flat either. I guess I’m confused, because the aproximate measurements would be an inverted triangle, but the little characteristics the website gives about each type of body is more like an hourglass for me. I have a very small waist, my butt is more rounded, and I have full and narrow thighs. However, my shoulders are still bigger than my hips and stuff…??

    • mar 2. August 2014 at 21:16 - Reply

      Hello Sara,

      the body shape world unfortunately is not pure black and white. In case your shoulders are 1.5 inches wider than your hips you have one criteria for an inverted triangle. With your slim waist you also have some criteria for an hourglass. Our recommendation is that you wear outfits to show of your slim waist. Try not to put any additional emphasize on your shoulders to make sure you do not appear imbalanced. As long as you like your outfits it does not matter if you optimized it for an hourglass or for an inverted triangle!

  20. Charlotte 19. June 2014 at 15:31 - Reply

    I’m not sure if I’m a pear or hourglass. In your body calculator, it says “pear”. When I tried a different calculator, it says “hourglass”. I’m really confused.

    • mar 2. August 2014 at 21:19 - Reply

      Hello Charlotte,

      there are many cases where you do not have a clear black and white answer. The calculator works with percentages so for example if your hips are more than 5% larger than your shoulders you will get the pear result. Of course if you have a very slim waist you could also have the charcteristics of an hourglass. From what you say try and show of your beautiful waistline and try not to add anymore volume to your hips and you should be fine!

  21. Meem 20. June 2014 at 15:36 - Reply

    I’m 14 years old and well I just can’t seem to figure out my body shape *sigh* and I measured them all and it turns out that I have 30,24,33 (bust,waist,hip) , my shoulder is same as my hip and I’m 5,4 tall. What exactly is my body shape? I am confused…. Help?

    • mar 2. August 2014 at 21:59 - Reply

      Hello Meem,

      see below, you are a pear with a very slim waist.

  22. Meem 20. June 2014 at 17:16 - Reply

    Heyy!! So… I’m not really sure what my body shape is, I think it’s hour glass because it says so in the calculator thing. I’m 14 and 5 foot 4.5 and my measurement is 30,24,33 (bust,waist,hip). I’m confused. Any help? Thx a lot!

    • mar 2. August 2014 at 21:37 - Reply

      Hello Meem,

      based on the numbers your hips (33) are larger than your shoulders (30) which makes you a pear. For the hourglass figure the threshold is usually that your waist is 3 quarters or less than your shoulders / waist. In your case you are an hourglass when you look at your hip / waist but not when you look at your hip / bust.

      So you are a pear with a very slim waist…

  23. Verena 2. August 2014 at 20:37 - Reply

    What did you try so far that did not work for you?

  24. samantha 3. August 2014 at 14:00 - Reply

    i can’t figure out my body type. I have broad shoulders which arealmost the same or a bit longer than my hips. I gain weight in my upper arms,tummy and thighs more usually. i cant tell if I’m a rectangle or hourglass since i have a big butt and i do look quite curvy but my bust isn’t very very big. my measurements are 36 28 36 ..which is a rectangule according to the calculator but i don’t have a flat bottom at all and i look quite curvy. I’m very confused. what shape am i?

    • mar 3. August 2014 at 19:16 - Reply

      Hello Samantha,

      based on your measurements you are indeed a rectangle. The “border” between a rectangle and an hourglass is usually when the waist is 3/4 (=75%) or less than the hips / shoulders. Your waist of 28 is 77% of your hips / shoulders so you are on the curvy end of the rectangle body type. With a waist of 27.5 you would be an hourglass for our calculator.

      Make sure to wear slim, figure hugging clothes that define your waist – most of the tips we have for rectangles to not apply to you as you are almost an hourglass and it would be a shame to hide that waistline!

  25. Atiya Spence 9. January 2015 at 07:07 - Reply

    Hello there, my measurements are 32d-27 1/2-33. Am I still considered to be an rectangle shape. I’m an petite girl and I still love my body as does my boyfriend.

    • mar 15. January 2015 at 14:10 - Reply

      Hello Atiya,

      glad to hear that! You got rectangle as your waist to shoulder ratio is more than 0,75. To be considered an hourglass you would need a waistline of 24 or less. Now look through our advice for rectangles and find an outfit to show your boyfriend what a perfect shape a rectangle is 🙂

  26. Anonymous 11. January 2015 at 09:30 - Reply

    I’m so confused! The calculater said I was a rectangle, but I don’t gain weight evenly, my butt isn’t flat, I don’t have an athletic build, and I’m not just straight up and down. Did I get rectangle because I am kind of slender? Here are my measurements:

    Shoulder: ? Wasn’t clear on how to measure
    Bust: 33
    Waist: 26
    Hips: 34

    Please help! Thanks 🙂

    PS my outfits mostly consist of form fitting tops and skinny jeans, which suit me well. I would think I am a little more curvy than rectangle…?

    • mar 15. January 2015 at 14:06 - Reply

      Hey there,

      the calculator gave you rectangle as your shoulders and hips are very close and your waist is not “curvy” enough to be classified as an hourglass. Your ratio is 0,78 and hourglass start at 0,75 – at least in our calculator. Being a rectangle is just as cool as being an hourglass – there is no good or bad body type. Enjoy that you can wear almost anything!

  27. Tay 7. April 2015 at 04:30 - Reply

    I’m so confused! I have bigger breasts, a little excess fat around the tummy area, and have very skinny legs.
    My measurements are:
    Bust: 39
    Waist: 28
    Hips: 35-36
    Can someone help me?

    • root 9. June 2016 at 12:00 - Reply

      Hello Tay,

      thank you for sharing your question with us. I think your body shape calculator could help you on that issue.
      You will find a guide how to get the right measurements and how to work with the results.


      If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

      Yours Verena

  28. abby 7. April 2015 at 07:29 - Reply

    hi my name is abby,i thought i have an hourglass body shape,but the said that your bust must be atleast 37 cup C,but my VS are 32A-24-35,so what shaoe of body does i have then?

    • root 9. June 2016 at 12:12 - Reply

      Hello Abby,

      thanks for your comment and question. Of course not every woman falls exactly into one of the categories. You might not be exactly an hourglass, but an hourglass with pear tendencies. The point is in choosing the body type that is the closest to your body and then use the information here to find your way to dress with your style.

      I think the question from our quiz could give you a bit more knowledge of your personal shapes and your style:


      Yours Vernea

  29. serena 9. April 2015 at 04:47 - Reply

    So, I’ve been trying to lose weight, and actually lost quite a bit.
    And I didn’t do any actual scientific measurements with a ruler, but I did look ina mirror, and my hips and shoulders line up, but my waist seems REALLY pinched in. I wanted to know if that was hourglass. But I always thought girls with hourglass figure were skinny. ..
    And my butt isn’t exactly amazing. ..but flat… but, as losing weight it’s a little more prominent, I guess… is that weird? I’m only 12… so it could be that I’m getting older and I’m changing. And all the adults are telling me not to worry about my weight, but I’m sick of not fitting into clothes that should. And I’m trying a diet, but kind of hard. Could you maybe give me some advice? Besides stay away from sweet shops or whatever. ..because I’ve never liked candy very much… sorry this is LONG but I REALLY need help and you peeps seem like got it down 🙂

    • root 9. June 2016 at 12:39 - Reply

      Dear Serena,

      I apologise for the late replay. How are your these days? Your body shape can indeed change during your teenage years. The body type is mainly defined by your skeletal structure, as well as your muscle and fat distribution. Your body type should be defined after puberty however it can still change based on excercise or hormon level changes.

      If you´d like to tell me how you´re doing or have any new questions, feel free to ask.
      Yours Abigail

      #bodypositive #daretowear

  30. Madison 9. April 2015 at 05:15 - Reply

    hips- 40 in
    waist- 25 in
    bust- 35 in

    My shoulders are 39in. Does that mean I am hourglass? I am not for certain.

  31. Hayley 17. April 2015 at 03:06 - Reply

    It’s hard to know which one I am when I pack the pounds in my stomach, hips, thighs.

  32. pam 17. April 2015 at 08:57 - Reply

    Hi! I am kinda confused with my body shape the calculator says I’m a triangle but, I have a really small waist and I don’t really gain a lot of weight on my upper torso. I also have a butt and my tights are big. my measurements are 34 1/2, 23, 32 (shoulder, waist, hips). My mom is a pear. What is my body type? Thank you! 🙂

    • root 9. June 2016 at 12:52 - Reply

      Hello Pam,

      thanks for our comment Based on your measurements you are an hourglass. I think you cannot go wrong with the tips in the hourglass section as your hips are only a tiny bit tighter so that should not be a factor in most outfits!
      The shape of your body could also be affected by your age or hormons. If you´re in your teenage years, your body might change a lot and find it´s own new balance.

      Could you tell me a little bit more about yourself?

      Yours Abigail

  33. Harley 20. April 2015 at 23:24 - Reply

    I’m hourglass, yay! This guide was really helpful, thanks.

    • root 9. June 2016 at 12:53 - Reply

      Hello Harley,

      thank you for your comment. I´m glad that you found your answer and enjoy it!

      yours Abigail


  34. rose 23. April 2015 at 14:36 - Reply

    bust=33 inches
    waist=33 inches
    shoulders=36 inches
    hips= 35.5
    those are my measurments what does that make me plz help

    • root 9. June 2016 at 12:59 - Reply

      Hello Rose,

      Congratulations – you are a rectangle!
      The ratio of your shoulder and hip to your waist is between 0.75 and 1. Your shoulders and hips are about the same size (+/- 5%).

      You are really lucky, as you have a wide range of clothes to choose from. A rectangle body shapes person can wear clothes in layers as their bodies do not have parts that would add unwanted volume.

      I think you might find some inspiring advices in our article for rectangle shapes:


      Yours, Abigail

  35. Aesha 26. April 2015 at 05:19 - Reply

    ok so now i kno i am an hourglass not a pear my hips arent very wide

  36. kia 17. May 2015 at 05:44 - Reply

    So.. my bust i 32 my waist is 28 and my hips are 33 and im not exactly sure of my body shape… what am i?

  37. Tracie 19. May 2015 at 10:20 - Reply

    I think I’m a hour glass not 100% tho

  38. hiya 29. May 2015 at 02:08 - Reply

    hey there…cn u plzz hlp me ou8..my measurements are 32-26-34..what shape m i??

  39. Carly 12. June 2015 at 09:15 - Reply

    My shoulders are 36 inches my hips are 34 and my waist is 25 what does that make me?

  40. marina 22. June 2015 at 10:35 - Reply

    Im a little confused. I thought hourglasses gain weight all over while pear shaped ladies gain weight through the hips and above the waist.

    • root 9. June 2016 at 13:41 - Reply

      hello Marina,

      can you please explain your confusion and question a bit more?

      Yours Verena

  41. Livy 15. July 2015 at 14:06 - Reply

    My measurements are 35-25-35. I think it’s an hourglass figure. But I want to make my waist more slim, like 22,23 etc. Please can you give me a good suggestion? thank you.

  42. marie 15. July 2015 at 19:16 - Reply

    comment should say what shape am i sorry

  43. Salma 8. August 2015 at 08:27 - Reply

    Hey..still im not sure about my bodyshape..
    Bust 34
    waist 26
    hips 34
    anyone can help? :/

  44. nada 10. August 2015 at 04:33 - Reply

    when i was heavy i was an apple with a little hourglass in . My waist was 12 inches smaller than my bust but my upper hips where an inh bigger than my bust but my lower thighs where 6 inches smaller. After loosing about 80lbs im now an hourglass shape.Im more of a neat hourglass not full. So there is hope out their for us overweight apple shape girls.

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