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Necklaces For Your Face Shape: Accessorizing Your Features

How to accessorize that will compliment your face shape Accessorizing is the best way to complete an outfit and get you out on the town looking fabulous. However, knowing how to accessorize appropriately can be tricky. Necklaces are such an easy way to pull together an outfit but choosing the right necklace for you is [...]

Earrings For Your Face Shape

Accessorizing Made Easy For Your Ears How do you know what earrings to shop for? Being anywhere near anything trendy, sparkly, colorful and beautiful will have some ladies headed to the cash register without any hesitation. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong. Although wanting to keep up with the latest trends and buy glamorous jewelry [...]

Find your Face Shape in 4 Easy Steps

A face shape is a very defining part of every person's style however many people don’t bother figuring out their face shape. It’s super easy and understanding your face shape will give you a better understanding of what’s going to compliment your features best. Whether it’s your next haircut, new glasses, jewelry or picking out [...]

Inverted triangle body shape – how to dress it best!

Your shoulders are broader than your hips? Congratulations, you are an inverted triangle body shape! Our readers with an inverted triangle body shape often ask how they need to dress to compliment their body type with their wardrobe. As an inverted triangle, you have broad shoulders but narrow hips and a straight [...]

Hourglass figure – What to wear & how to dress best

If you look like a vintage goddess, you have an hourglass figure! Love those curves and show them off. The hourglass figure is round and curvy with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips and chest and generous thighs. This means the hourglass figure is unlike the body shapes of most supermodels and consequently [...]

Apple body shape. What to wear and how to dress your best

Mariah Carey is a famous and beautiful example for an apple shaped body. She is very busty and has feminine curves. Sometimes she is mistaken as an hourglass body shape; she does not not have the curvy bottom that hourglass women usually have. Are you an apple body shape? You are in [...]

Rectangle body shape. What to wear and how to dress your best

A rectangle body shape is fairly common and can be seen in many fashion magazines – many models have a rectangle body type. Cameron Diaz, Nicole Ritchie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Middleton, Uma Thurman, Kate Moss, Anne Hathaway have their “boyish” rectangle body shapes in common. Their well-proportioned bodies, lean limbs, [...]

How to determine your body type

Stand naked* in front of a full-length mirror (some feet away). In case yo u want some help traing to find out which body type you are try the body shape calculator or body shape quiz! Option 1: Estimate. Observe your overall body shape. Focus on the shape of your torso – shoulders to hips. [...]

Why body types?

Categorizations always fail to take into account the whole person. They are a crude overview only taking into account part of a person.   Categorize people? Sometimes even personality tests contradict themselves (as they have a differing degree of detail and approach). Still you can gain a lot through the knowledge about yourself through those [...]