10 wardrobe essentials every hourglass shaped woman should have in her closet

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10 wardrobe essentials every hourglass shaped woman should have in her closet

Not all women have the same body, so wardrobe essentials for everyone are only useful up to a certain point. You need to take into account your color type as well as your body type to know what colors and clothing lines suit you best.

With an hourglass figure, you have it all: a full bust, curvy hips and a killer waist. Make sure to choose the right clothes to show off your striking assets. You cannot go wrong with these basic items should be the foundation of a great wardrobe. They are go-to pieces for an hourglass to combine with most of the other items already in your wardrobe or still to come.


Wrap dresses are perfect for hourglass figures as they show off their waistlines.

10 wardrobe essentials for hourglass shaped women

  1. Wrap dress. They highlight your waistline, you can never go wrong with that as an hourglass!
  2. Belted figure-hugging coat. Again the important thing is that is is tailored to show off your waistline. Notice a trend yet?
  3. Mid-size belt for the waist. This can even have a catchy buckle or coloring to draw attention to your waistline.
  4. High-rise pencil skirt in a soft fabric
  5. Straight leg high-rise trousers with a defined waistband
  6. Figure hugging sweater in fine knit or stretch with a rounded V-neck and set-in sleeves
  7. Pair of classic pumps
  8. High-rise jeans with stretch in a boot-cut style
  9. Well-fitting supportive bra
  10. High-rise A-line skirt

You want to know more details about the body shapes?

More tips on how to dress your best as an hourglass.

Fashion for hourglass shaped women


What light or dark colors should you wear with an hourglass figure?

You need wardrobe essentials for an hourglass – and for you color type. What colors you should wear on your upper and lower body not only depends on your body type. You should also make sure to check for your personal colors to find the right clothes.

Spring color types should dress warm and bright, summer in cool sun-struck, autumn in warm and muted and winter should dress in cool and dark colors.


10 wardrobe essentials every hourglass shaped woman

Which white is the right one for you? A cool stark white, champage, off-white, eggshell,.. there are many options. Find the right light colors as well as your dark and bright ones. You just need to know your seasonal color.


  1. StephyB. 24. April 2015 at 06:48 - Reply

    I know that having an hourglass figure is a so calledblessing body wise , but I have a lot of trouble finding trendy tops due to the fact that most hang and make me look larger or are to small in the brest area and look to riskay. Dose anyone know of a store that has fitted tops for curves?

  2. Robyn 2. May 2015 at 00:12 - Reply

    So true! The 10 wardrobe essentials for an hourglass shape are the items that I feel the most confident in!

    • root 9. June 2016 at 13:16 - Reply

      Hello Robyn,

      it gives us pleasure to read that you feel comfortable with your advises and can recognize yourself to it.
      Yours Verena

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