How to tie a scarf is a skill that gives you many options to improve your outfit. A scarf tied around you can make your outfit look complete and you can even make a fashion statement with different knots for your scarfs. As long as you choose the right knot for the right situation.

Update 2015: The basics of how to tie a scarf around your neck has not changed so details on the different knots are not changed. We improved the readability by combining all the different knot types into one page again. We will also add more pictures to make the folding steps of the different scarf knots clearer.

Anyway, here are 20 ways how to tie a scarf to improve your outfit:

1. How to tie a scarf as a necklace

Are you travelling by plane? Or need to bring a scarf along but want it to be unobtrusive? This necklace replacer will not only look great on you, it will help you speed through those damn metal detectors and will keep you warm on the air-conditioned plane!

Below are step by step instructions how to tie a scarf as a necklace:

Fold your scarf multiple times until you have long band instead of the original rectangle:


Tie some knots every 3 to 5cm (depending on how long your scarf is) put it around your neck as a necklace and you’re done! Make sure you do not tie the knots too much, especially in airplanes you might want to undo them and use the scar like a blanket.


1. The necklace knot


 2. The triangle knot

This one is great for a girls’ night out! Quick, easy to wear & it gives you a modern casual look. Combine this one with a nice t-shirt, skinny jeans and some comfy sneakers for a great night out in the pub. You can also use this style of knot in the winter to hide whatever you have under a coat.

In case I just want to go out for some quick grocery shopping I can just use a scarf in the color of my winter coat and be done with it. No one will see my comfy but slightly worn sweater anymore…

While talking about jackets, check out our jacket style guide  to find out which jacket you should wear based on your body type!

Fold your scarf like this:


2. the triangle knot

3. How to tie a scarf in a ‘through the loop’ knot

If you want a quick casual look, then this is the one for you. The official name for this knot btw. is the Hoxton knot, at least according to Wikipedia.

Fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle like this:


Fold the rectangle in half, lay the scarf on your shoulders and loop the two ends of the scarf through the hole.


3. through the loop

4. The classic knot

Looking for a more professional look? This one is perfect if you are heading to a meeting or a job interview & it will definitely improve your outfit!

Fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle, take the two ends and tie a knot.



4. the classic knot

 5. The ‘over the shoulder’ knot

You’re in a hurry because the store is closing? This ‘over the shoulder’ look comes in handy!

Fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle and just throw one of the ends over your shoulder. While this is technically not a knot this adds a very laid back element to your overall outfit. In case the scarf moves around too much you can try the “through the loop” style (#3).


5. the over the shoulder knot

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6. How to tie a scarf in a donut knot

Going out to eat in a fancy restaurant? Better wear this donut knot, it will show of your pretty dress you are wearing and you won’t be dipping your scarf in the soup.

Fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle, wrap it around your neck and tuck in the ends.



6. the donut knot


7. The ‘long scarf’ knot

This is quite a daring look. As an added benefit you can improve your outfit with the simple addition of a scarf with this knot. Please be careful though as this already adds a strong fashion element and should not be combined with too many other accessoirs.

If you have a printed scarf (like the one in the picture) it will work really well with a long black dress. As we just stated in the scarf style #5, do not use this style when going to places where the scarf can get stuck or get into your food. This might be very good for a night out dancing as the scarf will make your turns much more interesting!

How to tie a scarf for this look:



7. the long scarf knot


7. the long scarf knot

8. Tie your scarf as a bolero

You have to go to a fancy cocktail party but can’t find your bolero that will keep you warm outside? No problem, turn your scarf into a bolero following these easy steps:


This one will definitely improve your outfit!


8. the bolero knot


9. The high knot

This looks great on a strapless dress to keep your shoulders warm. Perfect for the line waiting to get into that club or just as a counter piece for a basic dress as you can see in the picture below.

Tie the scarf as you see in the picture



9. the high knot


10. The low knot

Looks like the high knot but a bit more casual. This is more practical in terms of protection against the cold or maybe even the sun.

Tie the scarf as you see in the picture



10. the low knot

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11. Over the jacket

Instead of wearing the scarf underneath your jacket, try wear it above your jacket without knotting it. Nice & classy look if you are on your way to the office. this is very similar to the knot #5 (over the shoulder). You can use this if you simply need a scarf to maybe add a color to your outfit but do not want to spend the time for a fancy knot.

Fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle and lay it on your shoulders.



11. over the jacket

12. How to tie a scarf in a side knot

This one is perfect to wear on a simple dress to complete the look.
Wear the knot on your one of your shoulders.


12. the side knot

12. the side knot

13. Shoulders covered

Great to wear on a dress, looks classier than a jacket, a quick way to improve your outfit. this is also a good alternative to a bolero.

Fold your scarf like this and lay it over your shoulders



13. shoulders covered

14.  On & over the shoulder

How to tie a scarf so that it can be worn over the shoulder is easy. Put on your scarf like 13 and swap one side of the scarf over your shoulder!



14. on & over the shoulder

15.  Wrap around

A classic one, looks great with very long scarves



15. wrap around

We have 5 more ways of how to tie a scarf to show you on the next page!

The following knots show how to tie a scarf like a top:

16. The triangle top

Perfect for a walk on the beach.

This is the same technique as the triangle knot:
The only difference is you tie a knot behind your back.


16. the triangle top


17. The square top

This one is great for a sunny day, or even a sunny evening, it’s a bit more stylish than the triangle top (16). As with knot 16 this can be used on the beach. Another great opportunity is when you want to cover up a bit to maybe enter an important building during a sightseeing tour. Just (re) tie your scarf like this and you do not need to carry an extra piece of clothes around.



17. the square top

Tie a knot around your neck and tie one behind your back.

Other ways how to tie a scarf:

18. Tie your scarf like a headband

Fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle, place it on top of your head, tie a knot at the back of your head. this way of tying a scarf is also very nice to protect against the sun or to cover up when sightseeing e.g. religous buildings.


18. scarf as headband

19. Tie your scarf like a belt

Lost some pounds but can’t find your belt right away? Just use a scarf!

How to tie a scarf like ia belt is easy, just fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle, twist it and put it between the straps of your jeans.



19. scarf as a belt


20. Tie your scarf as a fancy bag strap

You want to update your bag? These steps help you how to replace your everyday boring bag strap into a fancy bag strap.

Fold your scarf until you have a large rectangle and twist it up, and knot it to your bag/purse. There, you’re ready to go!



20. scarf as bag strap

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Don’t forget to bring some scarves along when you’re going on a vacation. They are small and light, it’s a perfect way to keep you warm and improve your outfit! As you have seen in this article there are many ways a scarf can improve your outfit.

In case you want to learn about even more ways how to tie a scarf just leave a request in the comments and we will update the article!