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Welcome To Styled 24/7

We make style easy for you with style and shopping advice.

We want to help you look your best.

  • We want to enable you to choose what suits YOU – your body shape, personal colors, personality and lifestyle.
  • We want to help you find the coolest places and the greatest bargains for shopping clothes, shoes and accessories.

We show you what to buy – where to buy it – and how to put it all together. With our free style and shopping advice.

Who Is Styled 24/7

People who look great in their skin are happier. We want to contribute to your happiness – even if it is just a little bit. We want you to look into the mirror and like what you see.
We provide well researched and easily accessible information. Our style guides are exhaustive but easy to read. Our shopping guides help you find the best places to shop all around the world.
Men and women who have their own style and wear what suits them, no matter if they wear jeans or business attire. Men and women who smile when they look at themselves in the mirror.
Martin, Verena and a bunch of freelancers do research, write articles and draw. Sometimes we have interns supporting us.

The Styled 24/7 founders

Likes style and shopping. Knows how to do techie stuff.
Loves to help others to find their own style and be happier.