Best jeans for pear shaped

Best jeans for pear shaped

If you’re pear shaped like me, you tend to carry your weight in the hips and derriere.

Finding the right pair of jeans can be a little challenging for us (but I guess most women find it difficult to find THE perfect pair).It is worth investing that time, because they can really flatter our assets. Depending on the style, they are also very versatile and can take us from work to shopping to a night out.

The best jeans for pear shaped: the fabric

I cannot even remember when I last had jeans without stretch in it. They look so much better on me and are a lot more comfortable.
Always buy jeans with at least 1% Elastane or Lycra in the fabric. Just check on the label inside of the jeans. For a quicker check: just take the fabric into your hands and try to stretch it a little. If the Jeans has some Lycra or Elastane, this will be a lot easier than with jeans made from cotton.

The best jeans for pear shaped: the cut

Moderate skinnies have a streamlined fit that creates a sleek look on our bodies which flattens out our curves a little. My favorite jeans is a Rock n Republic in that cut.

Flared jeans or trouser style are also good. This creates balance visually and helps to make our hips look slimmer.

If you want to wear skinny jeans, wear them with a heel. To see the effect for yourself: In this post you can see me with a skinny and flat shoes, here with a skinny and heels.

The best jeans for pear shaped: the rise

The rise of a pair of jeans is the measurement from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam. Mid-rise flatters our pear shaped body because it elongates our legs.

Some guides say low rise is best for pear shapes. I think it is easier to find low rise jeans because you do not have the difficulty we usually face: either jeans fit around the hips and are too wide around the waist, or they fit around the waist and are so tight around the hips, that we cannot move any more. The disadvantage of low rise jeans is that our legs look relatively short and stubby in them. I guess this is what I do not like about the jeans here:

Best jeans for pear shaped women

The cut is ok for a pear shape…

Best jeans for pear shaped woman

…but the low rise makes my legs look short.

In general, wide waistbands are better for us than small ones. They improve how the jeans sit on our hips and our waist (so they can fit properly at the waist AND the hips).

High-waisted jeans can look good on us as well, especially when they are tight around your waist (an elastic waistband might help here) and flare out.

The best jeans for pear shaped: the color

Dark colors are better, because they visually slimming. Dark denim blue and black are great.

PS: Here is an article about rolled up jeans for pear shaped.

A pear shaped’s outfit

I wore TRF Jeans by Zara, a black cardigan (do not remember where I got it from) and shirt by Mango. The bracelet is a souvenir from Budapest, the earrings a gift from friend and the Airflex sneakers a souvenir from Bogota,Colombia.

pear shaped- bracelet

The bracelet is big enough to draw some attention to it – away from my hips.

pear shaped - earrings

The earrings are not in the perfect color for me, but I got them from a dear friend.

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