The color black attracts basically anyone and the reason is simple: It looks good and is slimming. However, my black outfit was based on the rock party I was heading too and yeah I wanted to try to fit in a bit.

Black outfit for an hourglass

So let’s start at the beginning; the black shirt has a cute collar not exactly hourglass type, but since the shirt is see through there was no need for a low cut neckline.   Underneath the black shirt wore a black top to still keep it classy as far as I could.

The shirt I tucked into my waist pants to still show of my curvy silhouette and give the black outfit look some edge. I took me 4 hours to decide I was going to go outside with this outfit, since I wasn’t so sure about a see through top.  Anyways back to the pants, they show off my waist perfectly and still keep the outfit feminine.

Black outfit

On my way to a rock party..


Golden belt..

The golden belt was basically just a choice to draw more attention to my waist as far as I could and some less eyes on my shirt.  If you want to enhance your waist the best way as an hourglass, a belt is always a good way to do so.

“Rocking my outfit”

A rockers outfit is not complete without some rocker boots, the pants tucked in them since you have no other choice plus it also looks better with these kind of boots.   Ohh and I guess I totally forgot to mention the sixty earrings to match with my belt. This is how I achieved my black outfit for a rock party.

 Where I shopped:

Pants: Zara

Shirt: Mango

Boots: Sachsa