My bus trip outfit

My bus trip outfit

Another bus trip – this time from Puerto Madryn to Buenos Aires. About 18 hours in bus. We found a bus with beds, meaning you can recline the seats 180 degrees. Great for an overnight ride.

I wear the black elastic jeans that I brought along for that purpose. They do not have any buttons on the wrong places, actually, they have no buttons at all,  not even on the front. Which is great if you want to sleep on your tummy.

Comfortable clothes win

The shirt I wear also allows for movement and has no embellishments that could disturb me during my sleep. The trousers and the shirt are both (mainly) made from cotton. Cotton is a great fabric for most purposes, but I think it is especially great for this purpose. The fabric is breathable enough for the hot weather (polyester would be uncomfortable in that heat) and helps to keep me warm for the cold air-conditioning in the bus.

…and warm ones

I brought some extra socks and a long wool cardigan. The cardigan keeps me warm and – very important – covers the part that my shirt leaves blank when I move. The shirt is not long enough to be tucked into the trousers and not long enough to cover my waist when I sleep on the side. The cardigan makes sure my kidneys don’t get a cold ;-)
These thoughts are so totally practical, I wonder if I should write this in a fashion blog… on the other side: fashion and style should not only be about how good we look in something, it should also be about how to find stuff that suits our lifestyle. So my lifestyle is travelling at this moment and my clothes should prevent me from getting ill.

My bus trip outfit

  • Black jeans: Jessica Simpson, bought at Century 21st, NYC, USA
  • Sunglasses: Digel, bought in Bariloche, Argentina
  • Shirt: Kenzo, bought second hand
  • Shoes: C&A, bought somewhere at an C&A in Europe
Bus trip outfit

When I sleep, I will exchange the shoes with a comfy pair of socks…

outfit for bus trip

…and add a warm (black) cardigan.

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by Verena Valeria

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