Rainforest blouse for a stylish everyday outfit

One of the things I love this season are the busy rainforest blouses. I was shopping a month ago and end up buying this rainforest blouse which I totally love.   Rainforest blouse to catch the eye The rainforest blouse can be basically worn in many styles and can fit an hourglass perfectly, depending of [...]

Cute mustache sweater, totally guilty!

The sudden weather change had me totally stressed out, from warm to cold not exactly what I was hoping for. However, I finally got the chance to wear my cute mustache sweater :) Looking at this outfit, I know that most clothing pieces aren't perfect for my body figure, but at least they kept me [...]

Flannel blouse for your hourglass body figure

This look is let’s say has not 100% hourglass friendly, however it does have a lot of flattering points to it and it consist of my favorite flannel blouse.  Anyways let me explain to you why I went for this look.   A hourglass figure, can’t go without high waist pants! So the first thing [...]