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How to wear a bandana

Knowing how to wear a bandana gives you a very nice option to improve any outfit. Bandana’s are accessories that can be easily forgotten. Maybe you just wear them to tie your hair when you go to bed! But there are occasions where it’s ok to step out with them. A bandana is a quick [...]

Sunglasses for Face Shapes – how to pick the best!

What is the best sunglasses for face shape forms is a problem many of asked when presented with lots and lots of choices. As this is a very prominent part of your outfit you need to now which sunglass will compliment it best. On the plus side trying on sunglasses can be fun, especially when [...]

Necklaces For Your Face Shape: Accessorizing Your Features

How to accessorize that will compliment your face shape Accessorizing is the best way to complete an outfit and get you out on the town looking fabulous. However, knowing how to accessorize appropriately can be tricky. Necklaces are such an easy way to pull together an outfit but choosing the right necklace for you is [...]

Earrings For Your Face Shape

Accessorizing Made Easy For Your Ears How do you know what earrings to shop for? Being anywhere near anything trendy, sparkly, colorful and beautiful will have some ladies headed to the cash register without any hesitation. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong. Although wanting to keep up with the latest trends and buy glamorous jewelry [...]

How to tie a scarf to improve your outfit in 20 ways

How to tie a scarf is a skill that gives you many options to improve your outfit. A scarf tied around you can make your outfit look complete and you can even make a fashion statement with different knots for your scarfs. As long as you choose the right knot for the right situation. [...]

Jewelry from natural materials III

More on how jewelry made from natural materials can look like more value for money, compared with plastic and metal. Shells are another great natural material. Shell has that summer feeling about it, that you rather wear it with a summer dress than with your winter cashmere sweater. In the first article about jewelry from [...]

Ceramic roses

Wroclaw (Wiki says that Germans know also know it as Breslau)  is a beautiful little place in Poland. It is situated on the River Oder (Polish: Odra) in Lower Silesia, is the largest city in western Poland. Wrocław is the historical capital of Silesia, and today is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Its [...]

Jewelry from natural materials II

I searched for more pictures for you. Still trying to show you how natural materials can look so much classier (compared to the plastic and metal stuff you usually get for that price). Here is the exception. I usually have to search for a while to find some metal earrings that are affordable but do [...]

Mexican Seed Beads

One of the really nice souvenirs I bought for myself  (and some of my loved ones) are the handmade pieces made from little shiny colorful plastic beads. (I suppose they are plastic because of their weight). They sell seed beads in a lot of colors, usually monochromatic. The jewellery was really affordable (about 2 Dollars [...]

Jewelry from natural materials

Nacre earrings The little decoration elephant (which I bought somewhere in India) is wearing gorgeous grey earrings I got from a friend from Spain. I do not know how much she spent and I even feel a little uncomfortable discussing the price of a friend’s gift, now that I write about it. The point I [...]