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Bracelet from Cartagena, Colombia

This lightweight bracelet is from Cartagena, Colombia. It is made from wood/straw and black thread. As the bright part is not a stark white, but rather a beige, it is not only suited for winter types, but also for dark autumns. It does not look like the most expensive thing in the world, but is [...]

Bracelet from Jaisalmer, India

In Jaisalmer, India, they have a desert and a lot of camels. So they make jewelry from camel bone. When I saw one of the bracelets,  I thought it is very beautiful… but maybe a little too ethnic to wear it at home. Should I buy it or not?   Here I will start a [...]

Camel bone necklace with ring

I have been a lot to India, so you will definitely see some more pieces I brought from there. This is a necklace I got in Udaipur, in the market district. Mostly they sell wedding jewellery there (I will show a necklace of a wedding set another time), and I was lucky enough to find [...]