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Style advice for women with a pear shaped body. I have curvaceous hips and a narrow waist myself. Here I share my tips and tricks and all of my outfits: the good, the bad and the ones that had some room for improvement.

How to make your legs look shorter

If you like your legs long and lean, I will show you some things today that you can make better or some things to avoid. If you would actually like your legs to look shorter, just follow the advice here ;-) […]

High rise long skirt for a pear shaped

My boyfriend does not like high rise pants and I must admit, high rise pants and skirts can be a challenge. I do not like the beige one that I have too much after seeing myself in the pictures. But this one is great. It shows my curves – my beautiful waist as much as [...]

Business outfit with slipover

Yesterday I wore a suit, today I wear only the skirt. To change the outfit a little, I put on a slipover. The material of the skirt is adding a little volume, but I balance that with a very light top. The boots are close to my hair color and are tight enough to show [...]

Outfit for the first day on the job

Today I am wearing my outfit for the first day on the job – my new job.  I thought for a short while about what I would wear: a really classic suit in a saturated dark color like dark brown. Or should I rather take the safe way and go black? Torn between individuality and [...]

Casual outfit for a pear shaped

Today I wanted to hang out at home in a sweat pant. Hair not washed, all casual, cozy and lazy. If I do feel like wearing a sweat pant, I wear this kind. Comfortable jersey without any prints that is cut in a straight line. Tapered sweat pants would add weight! So would a shiny [...]