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Clothing styles and categories

There are 100's of clothing styles and this is just counting the main ones. This intro tries to use categories for the main styles available today. Clothing style overview An overview of the different clothing types can be seen in the picture below. For more info on the different categories and styles please refer to [...]

Seasonal color analysis and online quiz

Seasonal color analysis is a great way to see which colors you should wear. With the quiz at the end of this article you will be able to determine whether you are a summer, winter, spring or autumn color type! […]

Travel in style with an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Check this list to make sure you have the perfect outfit to travel in style with an inverted triangle body shape. Travel in style in warm weather Shirt dress Leggings in a light or bright color or an eye catching design (put them into your handbag if it is too hot to wear them before [...]

Do’s and don’ts to travel in comfort and style on long flights

Your flight takes more than 8 hours but you still want to travel in comfort and style? These do's and don'ts will help. Don’t do this on a long flight Do not wear jeans. The buttons on your derriere and even the fabric of the pockets can get uncomfortable when sitting on them during a [...]

Wear your hair color in clothes, shoes and accessories

Whatever season you are in, wearing you hair color will always make you look put together. As described in the foundations of color analysis, you do not work with white canvas. You already have your skin, hair and eye color (tips on how to integrate your hair color in your wardrobe here!) to start from. [...]

Pear shaped body: how they dress their best

The pear shaped body is one of the the most common body structures amongst women. The aim of this article is to show you how to dress a pear shaped body to make sure you appear balanced and proportional. Some good examples on how to dress a pear shaped body can be seen with famous [...]

The best styling guidelines for women ever

These styling guidelines are meant for women who want to feel confident and feminine in their clothes. Be yourself and enjoy dressing up!   1. Dress mainly to complement your personal colors, which are based on your hair, eye and skin coloring. There are ways to incorporate other colors into your wardrobe, but it is [...]

The 10 wardrobe essentials for apple body shapes

Empire line waists look great: they show off your bust and hide your tummy. Women exist in all shapes and colors. Just as not every woman is the same, neither should their wardrobe. If you take into account your color and your body type you can find out what colors and styles [...]