Body Shape

This blog describes how to find the perfect cloth for your body type.

Hourglass figure – What to wear & how to dress best

If you look like a vintage goddess, you have an hourglass figure! Love those curves and show them off. The hourglass figure is round and curvy with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips and chest and generous thighs. This means the hourglass figure is unlike the body shapes of most supermodels and consequently [...]

Apple body shape. What to wear and how to dress your best

Mariah Carey is a famous and beautiful example for an apple shaped body. She is very busty and has feminine curves. Sometimes she is mistaken as an hourglass body shape; she does not not have the curvy bottom that hourglass women usually have. Are you an apple body shape? You are in [...]

Rectangle body shape. What to wear and how to dress your best

A rectangle body shape is fairly common and can be seen in many fashion magazines – many models have a rectangle body type. Cameron Diaz, Nicole Ritchie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Middleton, Uma Thurman, Kate Moss, Anne Hathaway have their “boyish” rectangle body shapes in common. Their well-proportioned bodies, lean limbs, [...]

How to determine your body type

Stand naked* in front of a full-length mirror (some feet away). In case yo u want some help traing to find out which body type you are try the body shape calculator or body shape quiz! Option 1: Estimate. Observe your overall body shape. Focus on the shape of your torso – shoulders to hips. [...]

Why body types?

Categorizations always fail to take into account the whole person. They are a crude overview only taking into account part of a person.   Categorize people? Sometimes even personality tests contradict themselves (as they have a differing degree of detail and approach). Still you can gain a lot through the knowledge about yourself through those [...]