Wroclaw (Wiki says that Germans know also know it as Breslau)  is a beautiful little place in Poland. It is situated on the River Oder (Polish: Odra) in Lower Silesia, is the largest city in western Poland. Wrocław is the historical capital of Silesia, and today is the capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Its population in 2011 was 631,235, making it the fourth largest city in Poland.


Apart from the nice buildings and funny dwarfs, as always I was looking around for stylish souvenirs.

I found some in the form of necklaces with ceramic roses. Beautifully handcrafted in a wide range of colors. I bought a greenish one for my boyfriend’s mum (she has blue-green eyes) and a yellow and red rose for me (guess what eye color I have?)  Upside is they were not too expensive (about 14 dollars) and give an outfit a romantic pop of color. Downside is, they are heavy and I am afraid I will break them when I wear them.

Red rose


Yellow rose