choose the right colors for your accessories

This is how I choose the right colors for my accessories:

Going for metallic colors

These are the cases when I usually wear metallic colors rather than colored jewelry:

  • The event asks for a classic outfit

Working with conservative clients, visiting a client for the first time, going out to a chic place,… these are occasions where I rather play it safe with golden jewelry or pearls . (I try to avoid silver as it does not suit me as good as gold)

  • The rest of my outfit has a lot going on already – patterns, colors, embellishments, etc.

When my outfits have a lot of print or a lot of decoration, adding fashion jewelry in colors might be too much.

  • I want to look like having money

When shopping at designer stores, I want to look like money. I do not like how people at Louis Vuitton treat me when I do look like money, I do not want to try out how they would treat me if I looked casual. A golden Bulgari ring and golden earrings – or even classical looking fashion jewelry – look richer than a painted bracelet or a leather necklace. So I know my choices for going shopping.

how to choose the right colors for accessoriesChoose the right colors for your accessories

Going for colors

  • The rest of my outfit is rather plain

If I wear a rather plain outfit like today, I can go a little crazier on the accessories. This is how the handmade necklace from Montevideo made it onto this outfit. (And because the leather repeats the colors I already use in my outfit anyway, it still looks relatively classic)

  • The occasion gives me enough freedom to express myself freely

Grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, having lunch with my best friend and boyfriend (he’s the same person ;-).. all occasions to go wild when choosing jewelry. When I have to limit myself for work – why wear the same stuff at home?

  • I cannot look like having money

When I hang out with students or if I am invited to parties of friends who care more about nature, good causes and their kids than about looks, I do not want to stand out as the rich bitch. Also, when travelling in third world countries, most of the time I prefer to keep my profile low.

  • I want to look like summer

For me, summer calls for ethnic jewelry. Bast, wood, feathers, linen, seeds,.. this is what summer jewelry is made of!

how to choose the right colors for your accessoriesThe 365 challenge by a pear shaped woman

  • This is the 224th article that I write for the 365 day challenge. That includes no shopping for an entire year. No shoes, clothes nor handbags. I blog about the outfits here, hoping to inspire some other pear shaped women out there.  Occasionally, I add a picture or more that I did not publish here on tumblr.
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by Verena Valeria

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