The primary colors build the foundation for all the other colors. Just like the four elements – fire, water, earth and air – the four colors – red, blue, green and yellow – amount to the basics of any other color.

Want to get to know more about color psychology and the meaning of colors? Want to know more about the impression of other colors than Red, Blue, Green and Yellow? Read on here.


What does it mean?

Red is a signal color and very eye-catching. It is proven that the blood pressure rises automatically when looking at red things.

What was your first thought when talking about red? Right! Fire. This association contains many things red is standing for: Danger and temper but also sensuality, warmth, pure life and energy and not forgetting attraction – physical and sexual.

            Tones of red:

color psychology - red

You have bright, fair skin? That is the best basic position to focus on the powerful and eye-catching fire-red. If you are outgoing and want to spread out the message of red, wear it solo as a dress. If you are already dressed in black, white or grey, highlight your outfit with earrings, bracelets or belts in fire red or put some red lipstick on.

As fire-red is intense enough, it is always nice to combine with neutral, modest colors like black, white or – for the women with already bright hair – with grey.



Cherry-red which contains additionally blue and purple elements belongs to the colder tones of red. That is why it suits colder types of women extremely good. If you are blondes and have blue eyes, you need to have at least one cherry-red piece in your closet!

Mix it with better with darker colors to enhance your assets.  Dark or navy blue go good along with cherry-red or if you want to keep it classic, a combination with black looks also nice.


Hot Ticket Skater Dress - Poppy

Tomato-red is a color with a high contingent of yellow that makes it appear a little orange like a young, ripe tomato. It spreads warmth, that why it looks best on bronzed brunettes with a Mediterranean touch, just to give an example.

To make it suitable for daily use, wear it with chocolate brown for example. For the braver ones combinations with orange or pink tones work, too.

 Hot Ticket Skater Dress – Poppy (see more flower dresses)

Fire Tropical Soft Woven Tank Top

This grade between pink and red – raspberry-red – looks very fruity, fresh and sweet, even when it’s compared to the other colors out of the fruit basket. Women with darker hair and little suntan look very charming wearing this color. Brighter types who tend to blush very fast shouldn’t wear too much of this tone – it enhances the turning beet-red unfortunately.

Dress yourself in raspberry-red with other garments in black or white if you want to keep it simple. If you want to catch one’s eye combine it with pink or rose tones. Only depending on how you feel comfortable.


What does it mean?

The blue sky, dark blue oceans and further blue waters – everything blue in nature is radiates calmness and signalizes the possibility for calm down and rest. Scientists figured out that the complete organism shifts down and relaxes when being shined with blue light. Sinking blood pressure, slower heartbeat, advanced blood vessels and low pulse rate are typical symptoms.

Those who have a marked preference for blue garments can’t deal with conflicts and feel a constant need for harmony.  Most of them are relaxed, reliable and opened to compromises, but often seem to be a bit introverted and passive. Though blue is standing for calmness it can also spread an impression of coldness and seems distanced.

            Tones of blue:

color psychology - Blue

This soft tone of blue named after the flower matches good to bright-skinned types with dark blonde till middle brown hair.

It looks best in a romantic look with loose garments and vintage accessories. Chocolate brown underline this aspect of cornflower-blue very good and enhances its natural attributes. Combinations with black and silver make it appearance modern and stylish.

Lapis lazuli blue:

This intense tone lightens extremely when it is worn by blondes. Even if you have a really bright skin you can wear this color without seeming pale!

Especially with other silver garments it looks very elegant. In combination with white you create the typical marine look.

Seafolly Tropicana Maxi Dress (see more maxi dresses)

LOFT Petite Short Sleeve Cotton Cardigan

To wear a cyan tone of blue, mixed out of blue and green elements, you don’t necessary need to have bronzed skin. But a little suntan looks great to cyan and reminds unavoidable of beach holiday and create a ‘Caribbean feeling’. My personal favorite is cyan worn by black-heads.

In combination with white makes it looks extra shining and fresh and reminds of the last vacation. Gold renders an elegant, noble touch.

Lipsy One Shoulder Lace Dress
Navy blue:

All women no matter with what hair color can wear this shade of blue, but a darker teint is advantageous.

To suit navy blue for the daily use, wear it with dark brown tones and white. For more festive occasions is gold always a good choice.

Lipsy One Shoulder Lace Dress (see more one shoulder cocktail dresses)


Sky-blue / Azure:

The typical baby-blue or Sky-blue should better be worn by brunettes or black-haired women with a darker teint, because most of the blondes and women with a bright skin risk looking childlike wearing this color.

To absolutely make sure you don’t appear childlike, combine azure with big accessories in black and gold.

Belted Ombre Chiffon Tube Dress (see more hi low dresses)

Sessun Silk Dress Bow Front Detail

For the evening you always make a good choice with picking garments in night-blue, whether you just go out for cocktail, to a party or in the club.  This dark tone can be worn by every woman. No matter what hair color or taint she got, it matches to every type.

Night-blue should be paired best with wood tones or black. It is better to stay with darker colors.

Sessun Silk Dress Bow Front Detail (see more short dresses)