Since we have been little girls, we know every color has a meaning. Red is the color of love, blue stands for faith, color psycholohyyellow for jealousy and green for envy. This is what we were told once, with what we have grown up. As always, it is not that simple, but this weren’t just fairytales with no meaning behind after all.

In fact, every color tells something … and one outfit tells more than 1000 words, doesn’t it? Science has proven that our mind is influenced by the colors we are seeing. Every color has a meaning. Some colors can even make your body react – your blood pressure rises or your eyes start to strain. The color psychology explores this meaning, effects and reactions.

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The impact of colors on our mind, feelings and thinking is determined by our cultures, traditions and of course: personal experience. But you can talk about some almost universal meaning und reactions behind certain colors.

Take advantage of the scientific achievements of the color psychology, choose the right colors to make sure you make a good impression and cause the effect you were aiming for.

Think about your next date – wear a color that makes you look sexy and passionate. Adapt your style according to the meaning of colors!
Do you expect a business meeting? Then just choose colors that are standing for maturity, professionalism and calmness and feel more confident!

The right use and combination of colors is a cheap and easy way to improve your style and outward appearance.
Empower yourself through the conscious use of this knowledge!

In the following you will get some background knowledge about the meaning behind a certain color, what it stands for and what impact it has on other people’s mind. Moreover you will find many tips and ideas what kind of color matches to your type of person and how to combine it best.

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SweaterColor psychology: Black, White and Grey

Color psychology: Red, Blue 

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What do you think about color psychology?

Do you believe in color psychology? Does it work for you?

Have you made any certain experiences according to the effect of different colors on your mind?

What is your favorite color and do you think the meaning fits to your character trades?