Purple and yellow. Why not combine crazy colors?

Combine crazy colors

Combine crazy colors

What definitely helped that this outfit does not look crazy is

  • Both the yellow and the purple are great colors for me. A cool yellow and purple would have looked a lot crazier on me
  • I wore the yellow on top. Great for a pear shaped woman, as it brings the attention upwards and visually adds a little volume on top.
  • I repeated the colors.. I wear a necklace with a yellow flower and earrings with purple in them.
  • I did not add further colors. The brown does not count, as I have that color in my hair already

Combining crazy colorsPS: I am posing on of the beaches of Helsinki for you today.  I just love travelling…

Combine crazy colors purple yellowThe 365 challenge by a pear shaped woman

This is the 226th article that I write for the 365 day challenge. That includes no shopping for an entire year. No shoes, clothes nor handbags. I blog about the outfits here, hoping to inspire some other pear shaped women out there.  Occasionally, I add one or more additional pictures on tumblr.

If you were interested this article about how I combine crazy colorss, you can read the rest of my pear shaped 365 day challenge here!

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by Verena Valeria

Combine crazy color

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