The sudden weather change had me totally stressed out, from warm to cold not exactly what I was hoping for. However, I finally got the chance to wear my cute mustache sweater :)

Looking at this outfit, I know that most clothing pieces aren’t perfect for my body figure, but at least they kept me warm.  I’m what they call a woman with a slim hourglass figure which makes it easier to wear all kinds of clothing pieces.  Anyways, let’s get back to my cute mustache sweater and the jeans top underneath it.  I decided to combine these two because I love the trendy look off it and I have to say as an hourglass: I’m a sucker for oversized clothing pieces ooops!

cute mustache sweater



An cute mustache sweater does the trick!

So to make the cute mustache sweater the center piece, I tried to keep the rest of the outfit toned down. The jeans shirt just attracts more attention to my upper body area and to my awesome cute mustache sweater.  I decided to wear plane jeans and role them up a bit to make my legs look longer and give the outfit a bit of the French look. I have to say: these jeans are also so damn comfy and nicely fitted to my figure and show off my proudest body part (my but):P

Every girl needs a nice pair of ankle boots..

This outfit wouldn’t have been perfect without these damn awesome maroon ankle boots. This brings me back to my jeans; I also folded the jeans to show off these awesome boots I just bought.  The ankle boots have the same color as the letter on my cute mustache sweater which was by the way a coincidence.  I didn’t use any jewelry this time, because I wanted to keep the look clean without too much eye catchers; I think the cute  mustache sweater already did the trick.



cute mustache sweater


Where I shopped:

Cute mustache sweater: Zara

Ankle boots: Zara

Jeans shirt: H&M

Jeans: Mango