Your flight takes more than 8 hours but you still want to travel in comfort and style? These do’s and don’ts will help.

Don’t do this on a long flight

  • Do not wear jeans. The buttons on your derriere and even the fabric of the pockets can get uncomfortable when sitting on them during a long flight. You might not notice that during a normal day. But you sit in your plane chair for more hours than you are used to. During a normal day, you stand up and walk around more often.
    Also you might want to sleep and those buttons could impede the position you would like to sleep in. Do not let your jeans buttons keep you from having a tranquil nap.
  • Do not wear tight boots. You enter the plane and take off your boots to be more comfortable. During a long flight, your feet swell. Ergo – before the landing, you will have a hard time getting them back on.
  • Do not wear those super high heels you can barely walk in. Yes, you planned everything and according to your plans, there is not much walking involved. But plans can change, so can gates and stopovers. If you are not prepared to run bare feet to your plane, wear something you can walk in for more than 10 minutes.
  • Don’t forget your socks. If your outfit does not include socks, put a pair in your handbag. They will help your feet travel in comfort and warmth on a long flight.
  • Talking about socks: if you wear them, make sure they are clean and hole-free. You might have to take your shoes off at security.
  • Don’t stack on metal jewelry that is hard to take off. The people waiting in line would not admire your beautiful bijouterie; they’d just look at you wondering if this is your first time at an airport.
  • Do not wear clothes that are too tight or too stiff. Unless you sit in first class and can change into that cozy sleepwear provided, you will have to sit, sleep and stand in the same gear for a long time.
  • Don’t wear stuff that looks like a pajama. Unless you fly to China.
  • Don’t wear sports clothes. Leave your tracksuit trousers and hoody at home, where they belong. They get homesick easily.


Do’s to travel in comfort and style on long flights

  • Take a travel neck pillow. If you put your seat backwards, you probably do not really need it. But if you happen to end up in the last row, you cannot incline your seat a lot. You also might want to take a nap in the waiting hall, in case the flight is delayed. But that, of course, rarely happens.
  • Take a big rectangular scarf along. Your best choice is wool or – even better – cashmere. If it gets cold on the plane and your blanket does not suffice, you always have your scarf to double up the heating power.
  • Bring some face cream. If your regular face cream package contains more than 100ml, a tester (from a store or ripped out from a magazine) is great. The tester will not take away too much space in your handbag. If you are prone to breakouts or allergies, just make sure this is not the first time you are using it.
  • Use a handbag with separate compartments. Always put your ticket and passport in the same compartment, so you can find it quickly and easily during check in, passport control, and so on.
  • If you fly overnight, bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. No further explanations.
  • Bring along earplugs. You never know if the snoring man or the crying baby will be sitting just two rows further down. (And no, you will probably not be able to sleep with earplugs either, but at least you will be able to sit there for a while without planning to kill someone)
  • Put a sleep eye mask in your carry on. No, no nasty games and mile high club. You just do not know if the person sitting at the window (of if you sit next to the window – the person right in front of you -) wants to close the shields. It is so much easier to rest without the sun tickling your eyelids. On top, you will sleep longer. Before landing, you have to put the shields back up. Your eye mask will endow you another 30 minutes.
  • Pack some hand cream into your 1 liter zip up plastic bag for hand luggage. Not only do you prevent dry skin, taking care of your hands and nails is a great pastime. If you notice dry patches on your body, the hand cream can also double up as a body skin saver.
  • For overnight flights, bring a little dry shampoo along and a comb if your hair tends to get greasy. There is dry shampoo available in powder form; they will not let you bring spray on board.
  • Jersey, cashmere, thin cotton and viscose are great fabrics to travel in comfort and style on long flights. They provide enough flexibility to change positions in that little plane chair of yours. If you want to get off the plane with less wrinkles (on our clothes), choose a fabric blend containing some elastane or polyester. If you want to get off the plane with less wrinkles on your face, read the first do again. But that has to be a really good face cream, oh boy.

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