Accessorizing Made Easy For Your Ears

How do you know what earrings to shop for? Being anywhere near anything trendy, sparkly, colorful and beautiful will have some ladies headed to the cash register without any hesitation. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Wrong. Although wanting to keep up with the latest trends and buy glamorous jewelry seems so harmless, not knowing what will compliment your features and buying those accessories may actually hide or harm those facial features that you were so generously given.

Learning your face shape is the best and easiest tool to have for so many reasons. Whether it be accessorizing with necklaces, earrings, hats, scarves or even putting on make-up, having a strong knowledge of your features is going to go a long way.

Earrings seem to be such a small aspect of accessorizing and putting together an outfit. However, certain shapes and sizes of earrings can really  help accentuate your features for whatever face shape you have.


“A Little Goes A Long Way”

Your ears are such a small part of your body, but hey, earrings are just as important when it comes to accessorizing. It’s weird to think that certain shapes and sizes of earrings work out better for your face shape than others, but they do!

It is pretty safe to say that the rule of thumb for accessorizing for face shapes is that mirroring your features in the jewelry you’re wearing is the best way to compliment your features. Long goes with long, round goes with round, square with square, etc. But naturally, like for any other lady out there it’s always fun to mix things up a little. You don’t want to be stuck with the same accessories every time you go out. There are plenty of sizes and shapes of earrings that will look fabulous with your features without having to mirror them. So now let’s learn what earrings will best compliment your face shape. Because as small and irrelevant earrings seem, the saying is true “a little goes a long way”.

Now it’s time to review face shapes and learn which earrings will suit you best.

Earrings for the Heart Face Shape

You heart face shape ladies can easily go with chunky earrings or earrings with some length to them. For example:

earrings for heart face shape

Great and Chunky


These earrings are a great example of some trendy, chunky earrings you can wear onaa night out or even to look great at work. With your face shape, the definition within the earrings will only highlight the unique definition of your face shape. So next time you’re on the look out for big earrings, make sure they’ve got some definition/dimension of their own in order to really accentuate your heart shape.




earrings for heart face shape

Little length, great definition


You can also go with earrings similar to these ones. They have a little length, measuring any where from 3/4 of an inch to an inch, and the way they’ll gracefully fall down the side of your face will compliment your jawline and cheekbones. These earrings generally tend to rest their way right along the tip of your cheekbone, which is perfect for a heart face shape as that’s where the beginning of the heart shape takes place.






Earrings for the Square Face Shape

Rule of thumbs, square go with square! But to switch it up a little, adding some hoop earrings is always something that will compliment your features because contrast will always look flattering. 

Earrings for the Square Face Shape

Square with square looking fab



A pair of square shaped earrings are a great example of something you can work with you features. It even has  that geometrical square shape design which is even better! These squares will compliment you so well.






Earrings for the Square Face Shape

Hoops… add some contrast for great results!



Hoops are tricky for a lot of people, but with a square face shape, they will add that contrast that will soften your jawline while complimenting it at the same time. Throw your hair up, put on those hoops and watch how well they compliment your features!





Earrings for the Round Face Shape

A pair of pearls, round studded earrings or best of all, long dangly earrings with some fun shapes will help elongate your features.

Earrings for the Round Face Shape

Fun, Lengthy and Trendy




These earrings have great unique shape, something in trend right now and their length will elongate your face and compliment the round face shape that you have!








Earrings for the Round Face Shape

Classy, beautiful and compliments so well



Pearls are timeless. You can never go wrong with a pair of pearls especially with a found face shape, they will mimic the roundness of your face and add that finishing touch to your outfit!





Earrings for the Diamond Face Shape

No brainer, just like with necklaces, anything with a triangular/diamond shape to it is going to look stunning against your features.This can be anything from a pair of triangular studs to triangular long-shaped earrings. 


Earrings for the Diamond Face Shape

Chic Studs, Triangular With Dimension


Great example of some dimensional studs perfect for any occasion. You can wear these on a night out on the town or to work to add that little spice that your outfit was waiting for.






Earrings for the Diamond Face Shape

Simple Diamond Dangles Can Do The Trick



This pair of earrings is an example of diamond shaped dangles that don’t have too much length. They’re great and rule of thumbs, the diamond shape will compliment your diamond shape face. These kind of earrings with more length work just as well, if not better! All depends on the occasion but either way, this shape will look stunning on your ears.




Earrings for the Oval Face Shape

You oval face shape girls have it easy. Whether it’s the decision between large chunky in trend earrings or earrings with great length, you can’t go wrong. Your face shape is so adaptable to different earring shapes because if your choice is large earrings, they will add a lot of attention to your ears and hence your soft jawline, creating the illusion that your jawline has more depth. With lengthy earrings, your features become more pronounced as more attention is brought to looking and following the earrings down your jawline.

Earrings for the Oval Face Shape

Perfection. Trendy, Bright, and Attention Grabbing



An example of larger studs you can wear that will easily draw attention to your ears and then naturally, your face.





oval face shape earrings

Length + Ovals!





Oval Face Shape, meet your match. Length with ovals incorporated into the design! Who could ask for more?








Earrings for the Long Face Shape

Your unique features make it so much fun to play with earrings of all sorts of different lengths. Just like necklaces, don’t be afraid to go really long! Your face shape was built for it. The mirroring of long earrings will compliment your features because by adding length, you’re actually taking away length. It also allows a great opportunity for the earrings to frame your face, forcing attention to those defining, beautiful features.


Earrings for the Long Face Shape

Lengthy, Lengthy and Lengthy!





Just like with the round face shape, these earrings would work great with your features as well. They have great length!








Earrings for the Long Face Shape

Length and Substance!







Another great example of earrings with length with the mirroring power to pop your features.








So, A Little Goes A Long Way, Doesn’t It?

Earrings can seem so irrelevant, yet so important at the same time. And in reality, they are important! Those little accessories will go a long way in completing an outfit. Most importantly, with the right knowledge you’ll know which earrings can compliment your features the best. So next time you’re out browsing, keep in mind these tips for your individual face shape.