This look is let’s say has not 100% hourglass friendly, however it does have a lot of flattering points to it and it consist of my favorite flannel blouse.  Anyways let me explain to you why I went for this look.

Flannel blouse


A hourglass figure, can’t go without high waist pants!

So the first thing you notice is that I am wearing yet again High waist pants, but in this case in dark jeans in a different style.  As you may have read in my other article, high waist pants are perfect for an hourglass figure, because it flatters all your curves and shows your amazing waist definition.  I also have to add, they are so damn comfy.

Flannel blouse that I love!

One of my favorite clothing piece in my closet is this flannel blouse, because it’s a different style from what I usually wear. I have had it for 4 years and it never goes out of fashion, well at least I will never let it go out of fashion.  The flannel blouse is kind of busy and overwhelming and does not show my hourglass figure the way it supposed to, but that’s oke for now.  I tucked the flannel blouse in my pants to make sure my waist definition is still visible and some of my curves.


Classic movies inspire me..

Underneath the flannel blouse I have black v-neck blouse, because it was a bit fresh outside. I left the striped blouse open and put the neck up; because I just love the way it looks on those ladies in classic movies (Audrey Hepburn). I did deliberately choose the color black to match it off with my spiked shoes. Ohh and the necklace well it was not really necessary maybe even better without, but I just bought it and wanted to wear it right away! Flannel blouse new


Where I shop:

Flannel blouse: I honestly don’t remember                                    Shoes: Pull and Bear                                                                                 Pants: Zara