I am a student and as a student you get to travel a lot, well at least with my studies (International Business and Languages) I can. So let me tell you about my perfect flower power pants that helped me travel in style :)

Flower power pants to spice up your hourglass choice..

These pictures were taken nearby Malta, the Island Gozo. As you can see the weather is beautiful and that means it’s time for flower power pants.  The day started off great with 24 degrees and increased up to 35 degrees (not so great, too hot though). Anyways my choice was easy: pink flower power pants. When I was shopping at the Zara I bought these pants, because of the nice print and color.  Nevertheless, not only the flower print and pink color played a role, also the fact that it showed off my body curves perfectly.

The pants were a bit too tall for me, that’s why I folded them a bit to make my legs look longer.

The perfect outfit to enjoy a sunny day :)

The perfect outfit to enjoy a sunny day :)

A white tank top against the heat

The white top I tucked into my flower power pants or else it would have been a bit too long and I obviously wanted to enhance my waist and show it off exactly the way it is.  I didn’t go for a belt in this case, because the pants were already overwhelming and I wanted to keep my outfit in tone.

Flower power pants, love them

I look a bit weird, but I blame it on the sun :P

“Never to late to spice up your look with flower power pants”


To make my outfit complete, I found these awesome sandals at the Zara with the color black and white which is totally “in” at the moment.  I also have to add they are so damn comfy to walk in. Furthermore, every girl carries a bag and so did I to put in all my valuables.

Where I shopped:

Everything in this case is from the shop: Zara ( yes I love this store as a student, regarding the prices ;) )