Today I can finally say the weather in Germany is improving.  The sun is shining and I decided to go to the famous “Strandbar” in Worms.  A couple of days ago I bought these awesome funky wide blue pants. So yeah as you know the choice was easy.

Add some  funky pants to your hourglass wardrobe

Funky wide blue pants

A day out wearing wide blue pants

The funky wide blue pants I’m wearing fall in the category of high waist pants,  as they reach my waist which makes an hourglass figure look awesome. The pants is also a bit wide on top and tight on the bottom which still shows the form of my legs.

“A belt for your funky wide blue pants to accentuate your waist”

The belt that I used matches perfectly with my shoes and in this case also with my top. I wanted a belt to put extra focus on my waist, since the blouse is a bit wide. It’s not really necessary to use a belt, but if you want to put the focus on your waist then definitely use one.

Slik fabric for your houglass figure 

The blouse with a silky and I tucked into my pants to still show the great waist definition and obviously you have no choice with a waist pants.  The blouse has a V-neckline which enhances my bust and show again the perks of having an hourglass figure.  I also decided to go for silk, because it falls perfect and adapts to your figure. Nevertheless, be aware of wearing this fabric during the summer silks tends to cling to your body.

To finish off the outfit..

To finish off my outfit and have that nice classy and fashionable look with the funky wide blue pants, I decided to also add a necklace to the mix. The necklace is not necessary, but in this case I love the blue color and how it looks exactly like my pants and completed what I call my “Wide blue pants outfit”.

Funky wide blue pants 2

A necklace that goes great with my Blue pants.


Where I shopped: 

Funky wide blue pants: Outlet Roermond (Ralph Lauren)                                                                                                                                                   Blouse: Zara                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Necklace: Zara