Hugo Boss Outlet Metzingen

Hugo Boss Outlet Metzingen (c) OUTLETCITY METZINGEN GmbH

The Metzingen outlet is one of the best places to shop for high end designer fashion we have seen so far. The town is the headquarter of the Hugo Boss company and the Metzingen outlet started as a factory shop for Hugo Boss.

Over the years more and more brands have opened shops in the Metzingen outlet, for high end fashion you now also have Armani, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Prada and Escada. There are many guests from neighboring countries France and Italy but also people flying in from Asia and Russia.

Getting to the Hugo Boss Metzingen Outlet

The Hugo Boss outlet in Metzingen is in the south of Germany. The easiest way to get there is by car even though there are shuttle buses available from Stuttgart Airport and some of the hotels in the area. If you want to take a train the nearest station is “Metzingen”. The nearest airport ist Stuttgart (STG), if you are coming from outside Europe you can also fly to Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC) and take a rental car. Especially from Frankfurt this is probably faster than waiting for a connecting flight to Stuttgart and then taking a car from there.

Hugo Boss Outlet Bag

Unfortunately the Hugo Boss Outlet bags do not last long.

To go there either use the address “HUGO BOSS Factory Outlet”, Kanal street 6-8, 72555 Metzingen, Germany or use the point of interest search in your GPS close to 72555 Metzingen. When you are close just follow the signs to “Outlet Center”

There are many parking spaces available, we always prefer the ones in the middle of the outlet (P1, P2) even though they are not free (like the ones further away from the outlet). With one Euro per hour having your car close by to store your purchases for me is definitely a good deal though! The Metzingen outlet itself is not an American style center with one row of brand outlet after the other but rather several bigger shops distributed over the outlet district in the town. They are still very close to each other though. There is no dedicated food court in Metzingen but rather a selection of restaurants and fast food among the shops.

Metzingen outlet shopping tips from our side

Armani Outlet Metzingen

Armani Outlet Metzingen (c) OUTLETCITY METZINGEN GmbH

Whether you come via car or through other means you should try to come early as some of the best deals will already be gone by afternoon. There is a small boutique with Hugo Boss articles reduced 80% or more, as it is only restocked in the morning you have a better chance of finding something early in the morning as well. Some of the other shops (e.g. Escada) have samples marked down 90% or more, again those are only restocked in the morning so you need to be early to have the best selection.

Special Sales especially for Hugo Boss are available all year but the summer and winter closing sales are still the biggest and most popular sales in Germany. If you are flexible when to go you should aim at either end of January / beginning of February or end of july / beginning of August to catch the mentioned end of season sales. All sales are listed on the homepage in the news section.

In case you arrive without a car bringing a trolley or another type of wheeled suitcase will really help you to carry the purchases around. There are not many places where you can store your bags for safekeeping so the trolley will help with your Metzingen outlet shopping experience. As you need to walk quite a distance from one end of the outlet city to the other also bring comfy shoes. Last but not least dress appropriately for the weather as only the shops are air conditioned or heated.