Glove accessoryI love gloves as accessories. I have about 10 pairs (well, maybe 5.. of the other 5, only one glove is left which sits in my closet and mourns the loss of the other one.. That makes it only about 5 wearable pairs of gloves. And it reminds me that I should clean out my closet.. what am I doing with 5 single gloves that will stay single for the rest of their lifes? Anyway, I am getting distracted..)

Glove accessoriesGloves as accessories

Of all the gloves that I have seen, I like “convertible gloves” the best. Light leather gloves without fingers. I have to get a pair! In the meantime, I am wearing lookalikes. They are great for days when it is too warm to wear thick woolen winter gloves, but a little too cold to go with bare hands.

As we are outside today most of the time – we are doing an island tour in Helsinki – I thought the gloves will help to keep me warm AND look stylish. The style part is why I kept them on even when it got warm enough to take off my coat.

Gloves accessoriesMartial?

Judging the pictures I have to say gloves as accessories look great. A little bit martial but pretty cool. Well, maybe it is not the gloves that look martial after all, but the fact that I am posing with a canon.. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Gloves as accessories posing canon

What do think about gloves as accessories? Do you wear them just for style?

The 365 challenge by a pear shaped woman

This is the 226th article that I write for the 365 day challenge. That includes no shopping for an entire year. No shoes, clothes nor handbags. I blog about the outfits here, hoping to inspire some other pear shaped women out there.  Occasionally, I add one or more additional pictures on tumblr.

If you were interested this article about how I combine crazy colorss, you can read the rest of my pear shaped 365 day challenge here!

More style inspiration  for pear body types on pinterest  here. 

by Verena Valeria

PS: Love how the little fur brooch repeats the colors of my shirt…

cute Gloves as accessories

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