Have the courage to wear it

Have the courage to wear it

I have bought this necklace in Mexico a year ago, in Oaxaca. Since then, it was hanging on my little jewelry shelf. I tried to wear it several times but never had the courage. I thought I bring it with me to South America, as it is not made from metal and thus hopefully does not look too valuable. I do not want to get the attention from the wrong people here.

I thought it would look great with the yellow shirt and black trousers. Also as the colors are somehow repeated in the outfit, it does not stand out that much.

Anyway, I got a lot of compliments on it today and I am happy I dared to wear it.

Today I have the courage to wear it

I just remember that scientific study that we overrate how much attention other people pay to us. They are usually busy with themselves. So why am I afraid to wear that unusual piece? Even if someone looks at me a little longer than normal – it should not make me nervous. Maybe he or she appreciates the piece that I am wearing or the effort I put into the outfit? I have three more months in South America and a limited range of jewelry. I am sure I will have the courage to wear this necklace more often.

Right now, I love the “pressure” that a limited wardrobe has on me.

I have the courage to wear it

Carrying the homemade cake I just bought. Now we are going to the hotel to get the luggage, and then it is a night on the road again.

PS: That night was another night of travelling in a bus. Not in the bus that you see on the pictures, but one of the long distance busses, going from Bariloche to Puerto Madryn.

What I wear

  • Sunglasses: Digel, bought in Bariloche, Argentina
  • Black jeans: Jessica Simpson, bought in NYC, USA
  • Yellow shirt: Massimo Dutti, bought at Massimo Dutti in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Necklace: handmade, bought in Mexico
  • Bracelet: handmade, do not remember where I bought it
  • Trekking sandals: Jenny, bought online
Have courage to wear it

I love being forced to wear all my stuff.

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by Verena Valeria

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