A must-have for your hourglass figure

Whenever I struggle with which outfit I can wear to show of my perks, my answer is always: High waist pants! Why? simple; the high waist pants draw the attention to your curves and your beautifully defined waist and a plus is the long looking legs.

My favorite jeans..

My favorite jeans..

What to wear with High waist pants

What works best with high waist jeans are small tops or silk shirts/blouses that you can put in jeans. You can create an elegante look or go for a sporty one whatever you feel like, that’s the beauty of high waist pants.The pants can be worn with ballerina’s/sporty shoes and high heels.

My look..

By putting the shirt in my high waist jeans my body figure is still clearly visible and so are all my curves.  I love the ones the mango has to offer.




A Slik V neck shirt…

The V neck slik shirt complements my curves and still keeps the outfit well put together. The belt gives me extra more waist definition and gives the look a bit of glamour. The blouse on top of the shirt basically covers a bit of the curvy silhouette, but I wanted to keep my outfit a bit casual since I was just going out to meet some friends at a bar.  I was also afraid that it would get cold, since it was a bit windy.  To make sure everything would look effortless,  I finished off the outfit with my comfy all-stars.

Ps: you can also try wearing the high waist pants during a nice dinner or at club with  nice statement heels. You will look incredible!

High waist pants, loving it

Where I shopped:

  • High waist jeans: Mango
  • Blouse: Zara
  • Earrings: H&M
  • Shirt: Bershka