Knowing how to wear a bandana gives you a very nice option to improve any outfit. Bandana’s are accessories that can be easily forgotten. Maybe you just wear them to tie your hair when you go to bed! But there are occasions where it’s ok to step out with them. A bandana is a quick way to mix up a outfit such as a graphic tee and shorts or a denim Jacket like Demi lovato.

The following ways are ways you could use the bandana:

1. How to wear a Bandana as a retro hair tie.

Last year celebrities were wearing hair ties for the best part of the summer think of Rhianna in we found love.
If you hair is naturally curly and a reasonable length, pinning half of it up into a loose bun,and leaving some of it out of the tied bandana as a fringe is the easiest way to wear a hair tie. Alternatively those with shorter hair can tie it round as a band.

1950's feminine hair mixed with edgy colours and print

1950’s feminine hair mixed with edgy colours and print


2. Bandana head cover/a bonnet

Rita ora is known for her edgy look which only she seems to be able to pull off! She wore a bandana with a fur jacket two lose plaits and a nude lip. The bandana was tied over her hair like a hat. So in case you need to do some shopping on a Sunday morning but do not feel like dressing up yet knowing how to tie a bandana around your head saves you a lot of hassle. If your feeling like a lazy day I guess this would be the perfect option!

3. Tupac bandana

Tupac inspired hair tie

Guys from Chris Brown to Justin Bieber are all trying out bandanas Chris choose to style his tied over his snap back. Justin opted for a more hippie/rock look denim /leather jacket with the bandana tied above his head. Both tie the bandana like a slim headband leaving the ends of the bandana loose above their head.

4. Bandana tied to a handbag 

bandana Tied to handbag
Replace the traditional scarf with a more edgy feel by tying the bandana around the handles of the bag. Match with a plain top, painted nails and skater skirt for a casual look. This way of tying a bandana is also a perfect way of covering some spots you have on your favourite vintage handbag. Plus the color of the bandana can match something in your outfit so you can fit your favourite but off color handbag even better into your overall style.


5. Bandana as a bracelet Bandana wrist band

If your creative you could use the Paisley print to make a bracelet , alternatively if your like me and you just want to grab and go, you could use the bandana folded to make it long and slim and wrap it around your wrist as a smaller version of a head tie paired with a few bangles you’ll be ready to go.

6. How to wear a Bandana as a neck tie

A bandana around neck

A bandana can be tied round your neck similar to how you would tie a small scarf

This look is achieved by making the bandana slim by folding it so it becomes long enough to tie. You tie the bandana around you neck and leave the ends loose to sit at the side.

7. In your back pocket

Fold the bandana neatly into a square. Place neatly I’m your back pocket not poking out completely but just enough so that the pattern is visible. Alternatively you could leave it to hang out of your pocket (about 3 inches long) , just be careful of those windy days! This way of wearing the bandana is a perfect way to “store” it when you just came from a biking trip (see #9).

8. Wear a bandana as a hair band

bandana as a hair band

Bandana tied in the retro look

If you want to wear a bandana but be subtle with it this would be your best option, perfect for those with long hair. You can cut your bandana in half or fold it neatly first. And wrap it and lock it around the hair, you could leave the sides to hang down or wrap it neatly around a bun. Tip: You could also use it as a donut to shape a bun.




9. Bandana tied into a face mask

For all you cyclists out there channel your inner ninja. Fold your bandana in half and tie it around your face just below your eyes, this is a perfect way to make sure you don’t get too much dust in your face, and lets face it pretty girls don’t do dust!

10. Bandana hair protector

Last but not least we have the way I personally wear a bandana, at night to make sure every morning I’m fresh and ready to go, especially if I have a hair style I want to last. I will tie the bandana into a triangle,tie it lightly over my hair if I’m trying to protect curls or tightly if I’m trying to keep my hair flat. When I wake up my hair is always neat. Tip: don’t tie it too tightly or you’ll wake up with lines on you head (thank me later) :)

Make sure whatever style you go for you fold evenly before you tie it as you don’t want it to look messy.

Have fun and if you have any other ideas on how to wear a hair tie or bandana feel free to comment below!