make your trousers longerWant to make your legs look longer? Make your trousers longer.

I have worn the Ralph Lauren trousers several times now and I have not been thrilled. They are too light for me anyway which makes my legs look bigger. On top of that, with most of my shoes they look too short and thus make my legs look shorter overall.

On top of that, the trousers are tapered, which makes my legs look even shorter.

How to make your trousers longer easily: cut the seams

I solved the problem by cutting the seams of the tapered part of the trousers. You can still see the yarn here:

How make your trousers longer

The trousers look a lot better now and the change was neither loads of work nor expensive. If you have a pear shaped body like me, think twice before buying trousers with tapered legs – or just “untaper” them like I did.

How to make your trousers longer

The pear shaped body 365 challenge

This is the 220th article that I write for my 365 day challenge. For this 365 challenge, I do no shopping during an entire year. I write about  my outfits here, hoping to inspire some other pear shaped women out there. (And I must admit, sometimes I forget to take pictures… for the once I miss, I either take pictures of another outfit I have worn that day or I just make the challenge a little longer. I promise to post 365 pictures of my outfits!)

PS: Sorry if my articles have gotten smaller. My  job is very demanding and it is difficult to keep up the posts in the previous length only writing on weekends. I also do not post regularly the brands of my clothes any more. If you are interested in a particular item, just drop me a line.

For some more outfit inspiration: Styled247 brought together styles for pear shaped bodies on pinterest  here. 

by Verena

How to make your trousers longer easily

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