If you are undecided what do with mispurchases, here is something that works for me. If you are not sure if like something that you bought or not, do not keep that garment in the back of your closet. Wear it! Wear it, combine it with different shoes and garments and see if you can make it work for you. After a while you should be sure if you look forward to wearing it or if you dread wearing that piece.

What to do with mispurchases

Don’t like it? What to do with mispurchases

Still not sure? Have some pictures taken of two or three looks with that garment. Do you like yourself in the piece of clothing?

This is what I have been doing with these jeans. Result: I dread them.

Learning from mispurchases

Now that it is a lot colder than I anticipated, I (have to) wear them anyway. There are only so many combos one can do. My stock in long leggings and trousers is limited and I have worn most of the possible combinations with the black pants already. So if I do not want to repeat outfits, I have to wear the blue jeans. That is teaching me a lesson. Having to wear something that you decided you do not like makes you want to ensure you do not repeat the mistake. You avoid buying stuff you do not like again.

What do with mispurchases

Not sure if you like it? Wear it until you are sure. Do not hide it in the back of your closet.

What to do with mispurchases

My mum usually loves all the jeans I have given her up to now, I will pack those up for her. If you do not have a mum, sister, aunt, nice,.. that you could give your mispurchases to, you can always donate your mispurchases to Oxfam or Red Cross. Otherwise, sell them on ebay or give them to a local second hand store so they do the work for you.

What I do with mispurchases

I figured I do not like the jeans at all. That I do not have a lot of alternatives right now is teaching me to be more careful with my purchases in the future.

My mispurchase – and the rest of the outfit

  • Jeans: Zara, bought at Zara in Spain or Germany
  • T-shirt: Kenzo, bought second hand
  • Bag: Body shop, bought second hand
  • Shoes: C&A, bought somewhere at a C&A in Europe
  • Belt: Topshop, bought second hand
  • Bracelet: bought in Granada, Spain
  • Earrings: Adriana Orsini, bought at Tanger Outlet near Charlotte, USA
What to do with a mispurchase

… so that I can truly enjoy what I wear. As I do not enjoy these jeans, my mum will soon have another pair in her closet. I am happy and proud of her that she wears the same size.

The pear shaped 365 style challenge

This is the 195th article that I write. I am on a 365 day challenge, that means no shopping during an entire year. I blog about all of my outfits.

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by Verena Valeria

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