Letter to my love caramel

Caramel, we just found each other and I am so happy that we did! When I had all the other hair colors I did not pay any attention to you. I must admit, our relationship would have been difficult when I had the lilac hair. But it should have worked with red hair and with my darker hair. I just did not notice you around. My love caramel, I am sorry for that.

Girl with caramel highlights

I always had loved highlights in your color, I remember until today a fellow student named Gesine. She managed to always look great with her undone hair and had these incredible honey-caramel highlights. My dear caramel, would I only have known at that time! I could have had these beautiful highlights myself. I do not even have to go to the hairdresser, the sun makes them. When I stopped dyeing my hair and started wearing my own hair color, I noticed that some parts of my hair have a look like honey or caramel.

Clothes and shoes in my love, caramel

Now I see everything much clearer. My love caramel, I know that we are made for each other. I bought shirts in your color, a scarf, a belt and even sneakers. Can you imagine how lucky I felt when I found sneakers with caramel and gold color? I found beautiful blouses in caramel (yes, I know,… but I just cannot get enough now that I found you!) and I love to see myself in them. They make me feel like wearing a piece of home.

Caramel crazyness in Japan

When I was in Japan, I have seen all these cute Japanese girls who changed their hair color to caramel. Must be difficult if your hair color is so dark from the beginning. Caramel, I know how lucky I am that you come to me naturally. There are loads of shops in Tokyo that sell clothes in caramel color. There were entire stores just with cream and caramel colored clothes! The sizes and styles were not just quite right for me, but caramel, trust me, I would have moved into one of those stores if I only could have.

Dear caramel, whatever will happen, I promise not to leave you anymore. Even if my hair turns grey one day, I will stick with you. (But I’d actually be happier if you stick with my hair as well, you know that I like it).

Your dearest Rena.

My love - caramel pear shaped

My love – caramel

My dear caramel belt pear shaped

Hugo Boss Caramel Colored belt

love caramel pear shaped

Day 24 of shopping my closet

A pear shaped’s outfit

  • Jeans: Rock and Republic, bought second hand in Budapest
  • Top: Massimo Dutti, bought on a trip to Spain
  • Ring: Bulgari
  • Bracelet: Sportmax, bought on a trip to Berlin
  • Earrings: No name, gift from an ex-boyfriend
  • Shoes: Francesco Visconti, bought second hand
  • Socks: Falke
  • Belt: Hugo Boss, bought at Metzingen outlet


Home Office, which means I work from a café.

More about my pear shaped style challenge

by Verena Valeria

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