How to accessorize that will compliment your face shape

Accessorizing is the best way to complete an outfit and get you out on the town looking fabulous. However, knowing how to accessorize appropriately can be tricky. Necklaces are such an easy way to pull together an outfit but choosing the right necklace for you is important and can be hard if you don’t know what to look for.

It can be a struggle coordinating the right accessories for the right outfit. You go into a store and see a large variety of necklaces and don’t know where to begin! Maybe your eyes automatically go towards anything colorful, sparkly and glamorous. Although these necklaces are gorgeous, it is a wonderful tool to know what kind of necklaces to shop for that will best compliment your face shape and your unique features.

With a better understanding of your body and what type of face shape you have, accessorizing (particularly with necklaces) is going to be such a breeze. You’ll be surprised by how much knowing the length, width, and style of a certain necklace can help boost those beautiful features you have.


After having learned what your face shape is, now it’s time to learn what necklaces best suit your face shape and how they compliment your features. 

  • Necklaces For The Heart Face Shape

    • Any necklace that is going to rest gently at collarbone length or at the sweetheart neckline is going to look fabulous with your heart shaped face. They will flatter the shape of your chin and cheekbones. A trendy chunky necklace will do the trick. Or perhaps something a little more delicate with shine or sparkle that rests at the sweetheart line will look gorgeous.
      Necklaces For The Heart Face Shape

      Trendy Chunky Necklace

      Necklaces Heart Face Shape

      Something Simple, But Something Sweet


  • Necklaces For The Square Face Shape

    • To add length to your beautiful dramatic structure, it is best to wear a necklace with a little length itself. Don’t go too long because the longer necklace you wear, the more you will be pulling away from the attention to your face.