Outlet Premium Salvador is the answer to the complicated, but not impossible to answer question where to shop for discount prices in the Brazilian city of El Salvador.  People from this city and tourists can enjoy the special offers and discounts in fashion women, men, footwear and home interior.

Just a word of warning for international tourists, due to the high customs in Brazil do not expect outlet prices similar to North America or Europe. In case you are in El Salvador there is no reason not to visit the Outlet Premium Salvador mall. Especially the local brands (see chapter below) might be a nice souvenir to bring with you!

Outlet Premium Salvador – brands

In the Outlet Salvador you can choose between different brands from Brazil and other countries.

Brazilian’s Brands for Women

Marilia Marquez, Les Lis Blanc, Bo.Bo or Mercatto.

Brazilian’s Brands for men

Polo Wear, Yachtsman,Lile Mark,Mitchel,VR

International Brands for women and men

outlet premium salvador nike

One of the shops in the outlet premium salvador is a Nike factory shop.

Lacoste Outlet, Calvin Klein Jeans, Asics, Nike Factory Store, Oakley.


Capodarte e Dumond

Carmen Stephens

Home interior

Spicy, Home&Cook, Polishop.

Ddirections and information for the Outlet Premium Salvador

Address: Estada do Coco, KM 12,5. Vila de Abrantes. Camacari.

How to get to the Outlet Premium Salvador: The best way for travelling around El Salvador city and surroundings it’s by car, thid way you can also enjoy the many beautiful places on your way to the Outlet Premium Salvador. As the location of the outlet is outside the inner city there is no easy way to reach it via public transport.

outlet premium salvador map

the outlet premium Salvador is on Km 15,5 on Ba 099.

You can see the location on the map to the right, the easiest way from El Salvador is to take the BA 099 north, the Outlet Premium Salvador is at Km 12,5 in Vila de Abrantes.

Opening hours: The Outlet Salvador has very convenient hours, it is open from 9:00 a.m. to 21:00 everyday, except for 25th of December, 1st of January and on International Labor Day.  And on 21st of October, the shop’s timetables are different, just the restaurants will open as usual.

For more information, the customers can call this number: 71) 3623-7000 or send an message to the SAC department from this website:


Parking: In this outlet mall there are 1.600 parking spaces and they are for free. It still pays to be early but the parking should not be as crowded for the customers as in some malls in North America.

Disabled people: For the Outlet Salvador, the disabled people are very important, that’s why there are many facilities for them, as wheelchairs, adapted toilets and ramps. Also the staff from there, they will assist handicapped people if they need it.

Sales: Outlet Salvador has discounts of up 80%. It’s amazing, when it’s possible spending money for quality and good prices. The outlet also has a facebook page where you can see up to date information on sales: https://www.facebook.com/outletpremiumssa

On the website: The customers will find Cadastro Vip, where they can sign in and receive the best offers in their mails. Also, on the website there is a fashion blog with the latest market trends. Take a sneak peek in Novidades, always it’s important knowing what it’s in style and taking a piece of advice from the experts.

Restaurants: Going shopping in a big outlet mall might mean staying there the whole day to see all the good bargains. The Outlet Salvador has many places to refill your energy, from a taste of typical Brazilian food at Liberty Food Brasil, to Japanese food in Jin Jin Alimetacao or fast food from t McDonalds. There is also a more healthy alternative as the outlet has a Subway as well..

Shopping tips

This mall outlet is close to International Airport Luis Eduardo Magalhaes, there is a distance just of 15km, It’s a good choice for tourists go to there, before coming back their countries, because they can buy souvenirs and gifts for their families and friends or just for having fun walking around and having lunch or dinner there.

By the way, there is a nice hotel close to the Outlet Salvador, named Pousada Rancho Fundo. It’s a nice place with excellent accommodation and nearby beaches and the El Salvador city.

Check the prices and more useful information in the following website:


Other premium outlets in Brazil

The Outlet Premium Salvador, it’s not the only in Brazil, there are more in different Brazilians cities as Sao Paulo and Brasilia. It’s expecting the new open in Rio Janeiro. In the Sao Paulo’s article I said that the Outlet Premium Rio de Janeiro opened on 17th of September, but it was a mistake, it’s expected to open in 2014. For 17th of September was expecting to open Outlet Salvador, but  at the end it was on 1st of October.

For more information about the Outlet Salvador, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, check the following website:


Choose the best way of getting the best bargains in Brazil.