Shopping in the outlet Sao Paulo is a must have for fashion enthusiasts and everyone who loves finding bargains! If you live in Sao Paulo or you are there just for touring, you should go to The Outlet Premium of this city. Sao Paulo as one of the business and tourist hubs in Brazil is avery good place for outlet shopping on your sightseeing trip. The Outlet Sao Paulo offers around 90 fashion brands for woman and man. It’s a paradise for shopping!!! Apart from clothing stores, you can find accessorizes, shoes and restaurants.

Brands at the Outlet Sao Paulo

If you like the high fashion brands, in this outlet mall you can enjoy the best bargains in the following shops:

International Brands:

Calvin Klein (Jeans and Underwear), Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Zegna Outlet Store, Lacoste, Polo Wear, Tommy Hilfiger, TVZ, Levi’s.

Brazilian brands:

Ricardo Almeida, Marcia Mello,  Carlos Miele,Le Lis Blanc, Ellus jeans.

Accesorizes and shoes

Fabrizio Giannone, Arezzo, Victor Hugo, Zeferino, Le Postiche.

Sport and outdoor fashion

Asics, Nike Factory Store, Reebok, New Balance, Rip Curl, Adidas Outlet Store.

Location and how to get to the Outlet Sao Paulo

Address: Rodovia dos Bandeirantes Km 72, close to the theme parks Hopi Hari and Wet’n Wild. It’s located in the Serrazul complex.

How to get to the outlet Sao paulo: It’s easy to get there, because there are different ways: One of them, it’s a minibus to 25 passengers and it’s located in Avenida São João, 677 (Sao Paulo city). On Thursday and Saturday it’s available from with non stop. For more information you can send an email to [email protected] or call to this number: 0800 771 1131.

Also, there are intercity buses:

There are three options:

  1. The Comet and Viações Capriolli companies offer this service from the Jundiaí city. The departures are from the Terminal Rodoviário do Tiete and the number of the line to going to the outlet mall is 705. For more information about timetables and services, you can check out this website. Call (19) 3232 7888 for details.
  2. Or you can choose the Terminal Barra Funda with the Tiete Valley company. You can find more information here.
  3. Starting from Campinas: Taking the bus of the Viação Cometa ou Viação Lira (Caprioli) from the Campinas bus station. For more information call Rapido Campinas at (11) 4812-9700 or Viação Cometa at 0800-942-0030.

Opening hours, sales, parking and foodcourt

Opening hours: This outlet mall is opening everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m. However, it’s closed on Christmas day, 1st of January and on the International Labor Day (May 1st)

Sales: Also the special sales are available all year and it has discounts of the 80%.

On the website: The customers can sign up on outlet’s website and receive the best offers on their emails and also it’s available a digital magazine (Revista Digital) where they can find some sales.  From the website, it’s possible the internet shopping.

Restaurants: The Outlet Premium Sao Paulo offers different places for have lunch or dinner. The customers can choose between brazilian restaurants as Vivenda do Camarão and Casa do Pão de Queijo or the typical fast food chains as Subway or Apple Bees.

Disabled people: It’s important thinking about handicapped people and in the Outlet Premium of Sao Paulo there are facilities for them. For the disabled customers there are adapted toilets, ramps and they provide of motorized wheelchairs. Although there aren’t special car parks for them, but  they can use the free VIP parking.

Parking: It’s for free on the weekdays, but on the weekends and holidays the price is 10, 00 R$ and 5, 00 the following hours. And there is the choice of VIP parking.

The Outlet Sao Paulo tips

The Outlet Premium of Sao Paulo is located in a complex, where there are two themes parks the Hopi Hari and Wet’n Wild. They are a good choice for having fun with the family. For more information, check out these websites:

And the Hotel Quality is in the same complex as well.

Here you have the prices and more useful information about  this hotel and others:


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The outlet mall of Sao Paulo is a really good place for shopping and having fun.  However, if you are not from this city and you live far away, it’s no problem, because there is one more in Brasilia.   Also, the next opening of this type of outlet is in Rio de Janeiro, exactly on 17th of September.

Check the website for more information about The Outlet Premium and enjoy the fashion at the best price in Brazil.