There are several places for fashion outlet shopping in Mexico, most malls are centered around the big cities like Mexico City, Puebla, etc.


The Puntea Norte outlet is just 30 minutes away from Mexico City.

Before going deeper into the Mexico outlet shopping scene however one word of advice: do not come to Mexico if you are only interested in designer clothes shopping! The prices even in the outlet malls are way higher than in the United States or Europe. You can check out the Mexico outlet mall homepages listed below for special sales but even than the price will only be comparable to a “normal” outlet price elsewhere. I bought a shirt from Mango in the outlet mall which was on sale and looked at the (full) price it would have cost in Europe or the States. The Mexican outlet sales price  was as high as the normal store price in Europe or the US.

If you are from Mexico a flight to Europe for a nice 2 day shopping spree in Metzingen will probably break even after 2 or 3 outfits!

With this warning out of the way we can go back to the fun side of shopping. In case you are a heavy shopaholic,  you can at least check out the outlet malls if you happen to be in Mexico anyway. Knowing you got that nice shirt on your return trip from Acapulco might be worth a bit of a premium. Otherwise just stay on the beach or wherever you planned to hang out in Mexico.

Best way to reach all the outlet malls is via rental car as public transportation in Mexico is not yet convenient enough to be a viable alternative. With the rental car you are also independent of any shuttle bus operators.

Punta Norte outlet in Mexico City

The easiest place to reach is probably the outlet center Punta Norte close to Mexico City, this is operated by Premium Outlets. The outlet mall is not easy to find, the GPS that came with the rental car in our case did not guide us to the outlet. Maybe ou can cache the area in Google maps and then use your cellphone as guidance. After almost giving up, we had a helpful Mexican gentleman guide us from a gas station in the village they claim the outlet is in (it is not there, but far away somewhere near the highway).

The center is arranged on two floors, a list of all the shops available can be found here. The most well-known brands are Hugo Boss, Feragamo and Zegna. As mentioned above some of the brands are more expensive in Mexico than in other parts of the world. Mango and MaxMara for example are positioned much more upmarket in Mexico compared to e.g. Europe, this is also reflected in the pricing.

Parking is situated around the shops so with a little planning using the floorplan you can reduce the number of bags you need to carry around on your shopping trip. The food court is right in the middle of the mall and covers everything from Mexican to Chinese, Burgers and Pizza. They also have some nice salads and nonfat yoghurts if you are interested in a healthy lunch. Don’t forget to bring you parking ticket, this needs to be paid in the center using the machines situated at each of the exits.

One final advice, always check the clothes carefully before you buy! Some of the items sold in the outlets have manufacturing defects that are very visible. For example the Mango store seemed to be more a B-quality store than an outlet.
Try and find a piece that has no defect or at least on a spot that is not very visible.

Other outlets in Mexico

Other outlets in Mexico are listed below:

  • Puebla (Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lacoste)
  • Cancun (Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein. not a real outlet mall!)