Why this pear shaped 365 style challenge?

Shopping my closet

Hi, I am Verena Valeria. I have a huge closet full of clothes, a big portion of my salary goes into fashion.  Do I wear them all? No. Some pieces go to my mum or friends without ever having worn them, some after 1 or 2 times. I just keep buying and then I usually prefer to wear the latest acquisition rather than the purchase that has been sitting for half a year in my closet already. I get tired of stuff easily. So one reason to do this challenge is to force myself to actually wear my clothes – and to wear them more often.

Another reason to do this is to challenge myself to try out new combinations. When I have bought something, I usually try it in two or three combinations and then content myself with wearing those. Are there more possibilities? Can I make more out of what I got? Yes!

Starting today I will use what I got and make the best out of it. No clothes, bag or shoe shopping during my pear shaped 365 style challenge – which is an entire year!
(I might buy accessories and jewelry though on a vacation, as this is my way of bringing home souvenirs from my trips…)


A pear on a mission

To me it seems that most women in magazines or online are tall without curves who can wear the latest fashion. Or they are women with a voluptuous chest. With my big bottom and my humble chest I feel a little under-represented. In addition, as a pear shaped woman, I think it is hard to find style inspiration.
So I plan to post some pictures on pinterest and facebook to create some balance and show someone with curves: so many women are pear shaped, why don’t we have more representatives in the fashion world?
I hope you like some of the combinations that I post in my 365 style challenge and that my explanations are helpful for some pear shaped women out there.


My Pear Body shape

I have a pear body shape. My hips are broader than my shoulders, and my thighs are broad. My shoulders are sloping in a nice round curve. My chest is a 75 B.  I wear US size 4-6 on my upper body and 6-8 on my lower body, depending on the brand and the cut of the garment.


Autumn Color type

I am an autumn type. I have dark blonde hair (at least that is what my hairdresser says) and hazelnut eyes. My skin is yellowish.
I know what colors look good on me, but I do not always stick to that color palette. Not even during my pear shaped 365 style challenge. I sometimes borrow from the spring, summer or winter color ranges.  How I do it and if it works out – hang on for more!


Classic Creative Fashion personality

I would call my fashion style feminine classic creative. My clothes need to be in a decent quality in fine fabrics. I love natural materials. My favorites are silk, cashmere and fine cotton. Wool, cotton, leather are also good, though I have to be careful with chunky knits. There are some polyester and acrylic pieces in my closet, but I rarely wear them.

My classic fashion personality is complemented by my creativeness. I am an extroverted and imaginative person and that just has to find an outlet somehow in my style.


Mobile Lifestyle

I travel a good deal for work as well as in my private life as I work as a business consultant and my hobby is travelling. I have spent more than 220 nights each year in hotels in the last six years. My clothes have to be able to follow that rhythm.
You will see me in my my 365 day style challenge in serious business attire, comfy travel gear and my private life pear wear.


Let the 365 day style challenge begin!

Every day I will be blogging about my outfit. I will wear what I have and share my knowledge about style. I start today, 7th of September 2013 and will blog until the 7th of September 2013.
Click here for the first outfit of my pear shaped 365 style challenge.

Let the pear shaped 365 style challenge begin! I am curious what this year will bring and about the reactions I will get… and about the challenges I will face not spending money on clothes, bag or shoe shopping.  If you have any questions or comments, I am happy to answer and discuss them!


Verena Valeria, excited to do the pear shaped 365 style challenge

Verena Valeria, excited to do the pear shaped 365 style challenge


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