One of the things I love this season are the busy rainforest blouses. I was shopping a month ago and end up buying this rainforest blouse which I totally love.

Rainforest blouse


Rainforest blouse to catch the eye

The rainforest blouse can be basically worn in many styles and can fit an hourglass perfectly, depending of course on how the cut is. The one I am wearing looks a bit wide, but that’s only because I decided to notRainforest blouse, trendy tuck it in and just keep it comfy and wide. However, it hides my upper body in this case which as an hourglass is not necessary.  The rainforest blouse is a real eye-catching blouse and depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing you can style it differently.  To make it fit better to your hourglass body, you can try tucking it into a high pencil skirt or a high waist pants.  This way you can show off your awesome curvy silhouette.

The necklace that I matched with the rainforest blouse has pretty much the same colors as my shoes, but has also that funky and unique design to make the outfit look super trendy. The first time I saw this necklace I knew I had to have it.





Every girl has a pair of leggings…

As for the pants, I chose a simple blue legging that has a bit of a shine to it. As always I rolled up the legging a bit to make my legs look longer and thinner.  The one thing that I really love about this legging is the fact that it fits my body perfectly and shows off my silhouette.

The shoes where an easy choice in this matter,like I said before: I am in love with my moccasins, they are comfy and stylish at the same time. To finish off my look, I wore black fitted leather jacket to still show a bit of my silhouette and of course took my oversized black bag with it.


Rainforest blouse, loving it