1. Get more out of your fashion budget

Probably the most obvious reason is: you get the garment, shoes, accessory or handbag cheaper. A lot cheaper. Depending on where and what brand or type of clothing you buy, you might get it for a fraction of the original price. This means you can either get more clothes for the same fashion budget or better quality for the same fashion budget. Or you have to spend less for what you planned to buy.


2. Last season is so up to date

On one hand, you could think that buying something from last season (or something from several seasons ago) is outdated and not fashionable any more. On the other hand, if you buy something second hand, you have a wider range of styles and colors to choose from. You do not need to buy that 80s lookalike shirt at H&M, you can buy one that is really from the 80s at a thrift store. And if this season’s palette of mint green is not for you, you have emerald green from 1996, hunter green from 2003, sea green from 2007,…
The other day I was in a big fashion store with 5 stories, 3 of them only clothes for women. They did not have a wrap blouse in the entire building. I am sure I would have found one in a thrift store!


3. Nothing is “greener” and more sustainable than to buy your clothes second hand

A long time ago fashion was produced to last for a long time and be worn for many years. Today fashion is quicker paced and the industry is trying to make people believe they need to have the latest styles each season (and throw away the stuff they bought just some months ago).

You can avoid that by buying more things that do not go out of fashion that easily and just wear what you have for a longer time. Or you swap clothes with a friend or your mum.

Of course you can also buy second hand to avoid all that waste.

If you wear something that another person has worn before, you prolong the life of this garment. If a lot of people do that, less new clothes are produced (as well as less waste).


4. Wear something with a soul

Some pieces I bought seem to have a soul, just like old furniture. I wonder who might have worn it and what this piece of clothing has seen already.


5. Wide range of clothes to choose from

Buy your clothes second hand for the wide ranges of clothes. You have a lot of places to shop from. Thrift stores, not for profit stores like Oxfam and Red Cross, designer second hand stores, ebay,…. Online or offline, you have all the opportunities.


6. Help by buying

When you buy at second hand stores like Oxfam and Red Cross, you do not only save money and help reducing waste. The money these shops make from selling second hand clothes are used for a good cause. The sales people there are all volunteers and work for free. (Be nice to them and appreciate what they do!). Isn’t it great to find something really nice for your closet and at the same time help someone else?

PS: Of course you can help a good cause by donating the clothes you sorted out!


7. Be unique

When you buy second hand, you will probably acquire something no one of your friends owns. Or anyone else in your town. No embarrassing situations with fashion twins! You will not go to a party and someone else has the same dress….