Nacre earrings

The little decoration elephant (which I bought somewhere in India) is wearing gorgeous grey earrings I got from a friend from Spain. I do not know how much she spent and I even feel a little uncomfortable discussing the price of a friend’s gift, now that I write about it.

The point I wanted to make with showing you these nice earrings was: Nature beats the rest. When you go to a market or a shop to buy new jewelry and do not want to spend a fortune, you are often well advised to go with materials like nacre, wood, straw, etc. For the same price as a jewelry made from metal or plastic, it usually looks classier. And the natural materials do not necessarily have to look hippy. (Anyway, if you like hippy style, that makes usng natural materials easier)

Here an example. A necklace from the Netherlands which I bought for about 5 dollars. But when I wear it with nice clothes, you cannot spot if it was 4 or 40 or 140 dollars.


Wooden necklace


Another example…one of the main components of this necklace is cord. In this case, the delicacy of the metal helps, but also the painted wood.  Same shop in the Netherlands, about the same price. I do not think someone could tell if I paid 4 dollars or 140.


 Necklace made from wood and cord