Shoes made from plastic -pear shaped body

Shoes made from plastic

I love golden shoes, well, all kind of shoes in metallic colors. Metallic colors are easy to combine with other colors, there is no color that would not go with them. When I add the same metallic as jewelry, I look great in an instant.

The also insert a little glamour to an outfit. Even with simple or even rustic clothes – shoes in a metallic color add some wha-wha-woom.

Waiting in my closet

I have bought these golden shoes several years ago. I do not only love their color, I also love the style. I have rather broad feet, and the design of the shoe makes them look slimmer. Still I have only worn them sparsely. I wondered why….

  • Did I not like the brand any more? I have not been shopping at a C&A for years any more. But I still like the dresses that I bought there, so that would be weird.
  • Do the heels look too worn? On further inspection, I noticed the heel looks too worn to wear it to work. But I could still wear it in my leisure time until I decide the shoes served their pirpose.
  • Did I not like the heel? It looks a little cheap, you can see that it is not a very good shoe. But obviously I still liked the look enough to keep them in my closet, so there must be another reason.
Shoes plastic pear shaped

The color of the shoe is perfect, isn’t it? And the style makes my feet look slimmer as well.

These shoes are made from plastic

I packed them in my suitcase for South America, and now that I have worn them for several hours, I know why I had not worn them. The material first makes my feet sweat and then gives them blisters. I even had a blister where the strap goes over my arch.

I know why I do not like plastic shoes, but I had forgotten that these shoes contributed to my opinion. No matter if the heel is still ok, no matter if I like the look and the color –  I will not take these shoes home again.

A pear shaped’s outfit

  • Golden shoes: C&A, do not remember which C&A I bought them at
  • Bag: Body shop, bought second hand
  • Dress: bought in Bali, Indonesia
  • Belt: do not remember where I got it
  • Necklace: bought in Granada, Spain
  • Earrings: Adriana Orsini, bought at Tanger Outlet near Charlotte, USA

(I did not plan to bring any metallic jewelry here as I was afraid it would call attention from robbers. I feel rather secure in my neighboorhoud though and found these earrings in my handbag organizer bag. So why not wear them?)

Shoes made plastic -pear shaped body

The dress is loose and is not great for a pear shaped body…

Shoes made from plastic pear shaped

…but it is great with a belt!

More about the pear shaped 365 style challenge

by Verena Valeria

pear shaped - Shoe made from plastic

I love accessories made from natural materials. The necklace is made from wood, so is the belt buckle.

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