Shopping clothes, Red to stand out

This my casual outfit for a day of intense shopping with my girls .


 Comfy and Goodlooking shopping clothes

As an hourglass you have the perks of having a feminine body type that makes you look good in almost anything.  The blazer does not only have the attractive red color, but also shows off the taille of your bod. On top of that the blazer only reaches my waist which puts emphasis on my figure.  Í have to say Zara is one of my favorite shops, because they always have what you need.

‘I Love dark jeans and so should you’                                                                                   The dark jeans make you look slimmer and also highlight your nice assets and top of that they are super trendy.  As for the black scarf, in this case it conceals my bust but living in Germany gives you no other choice.

Psst how about a bit of glamour ?                                                              Furthermore, a nice tight black shirt will flatter you, when you take of the blazer. The golden belt and earrings help me to have some glamour in every outfit. Check out the new accessory collection of H&M. Their collection will help you create the perfect shopping clothes look.

 Last but not least.. Go oldskool

Last but not least to make the outfit work well for you, a nice set of all-stars help you to complete your outfit and shop comfy all day long!. This is a way to not over do your look as an hourglass and achieve the classy feministic appearance.

Shopping clothes: Casual and Trendy

  • Blazer: Zara new collection in Frankfurt Germany
  • Jeans: Pull and Bear spring collection in Barcelona Spain
  • Belt: H&M, Worms Germany
  • Scarf: H&M, Worms Germany
  • Shoes: Footlocker, Amsterdam Netherlands

Did you know we have an outlet in the Netherlands ..

By Esma Camel