Skirt and boots for longer legsWhat is great about this look is that the combination of skirt and boots make my legs look longer. Here is wow I achieved this:

–          I chose a skirt that starts rather high in the waist (though with an even higher waisted skirt would make my legs look even longer)

–          Skirt and boots are in the same color (and fabric)

–          The boots have a heel

–          The color of my skirt and boots is rather dark (which is usually slimming)

Skirt and boots longer legsSkirt boots for longer legs

My pear shaped body 365 challenge

This is my 219th article for my 365 day challenge: Skirt and boots for longer legs.

For my 365 challenge, I do no shopping during an entire year. No shoes, no clothes, no handbags – just some accessories and jewelry. I blog about  my outfits here, hoping to inspire some other pear shaped women out there.

Sometimes I forget to take pictures now… for the once I miss, I either take pictures of another outfit I have worn that day or I just make the challenge a little longer. I promise to post 365 pictures of my outfits.
PS: Sorry if my articles have gotten shorter. My new job is very demanding and it is difficult to keep up the posts in the previous length only writing on weekends. I also do not post regularly the brands of my clothes any more. So please, if you are interested in any particular item, just drop me a line.

For an overview of all the articles in my pear shaped challenge,  read more of here! !

For some more outfit inspiration: Styled247 found styles for pear shaped bodies on pinterest  here. 

by Verena

Skirt and boots for longer legs - necklace

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