These styling guidelines are meant for women who want to feel confident and feminine in their clothes.
Be yourself and enjoy dressing up!


1. Dress mainly to complement your personal colors, which are based on your hair, eye and skin coloring. There are ways to incorporate other colors into your wardrobe, but it is always the easiest to stick to those colors.

2. Add a lace camisole for more femininity.

3. Find out what body shape you have. Take into account that info when dressing, as well as your proportions and height. With that information, you can choose garments that help you balance your body, show off your assets and feel more confident in your skin.

4. Wear the right bra size and get your bras fitted more than just once. Underwear brands all have different sizes and your body changes with time as well. The right bra will make your clothes hang a lot better and make you look a lot younger and slimmer.

5. If you are curvy, make sure the jeans or trousers fit around your thighs and hips, and then ask a tailor to take them in around your waist.

6. Nude shoes elongate the leg. Just ensure to wear the right nude – depending on your natural skin tone it should be darker or lighter, more either a tendency rather to cool rose or to warm beige.

7. Learn the rules and dress appropriate for all occasions. Think about what kind of message you want to bring across when dressing. If you do not know the dress code, rather overdress.

8. Buy most belts that either have either a metallic color or your hair color. If you usually wear silver jewelry, go for a belt in that tone. If you prefer to wear gold earrings and necklaces, you will surely find a nice golden belt that goes with it. And for the bronze lovers (think autumn color types), there is a wide array of bronze belts available.
Your hair color is great for a belt, as it ties together an outfit with your personal coloring.

9. Opt to either show your sexy décolletage or your beautiful legs. Showing off both will look most probably look vulgar.

10. Splurge on things you wear a lot and where quality makes a difference. A winter coat is a definitive “splurge” as you will wear it every day in winter.

11. Buy most of your shoes in your hair color. It will make dressing a lot easier as you do not add an additional color to your outfit (you already have it in your hair anyway!) and should go with most of your wardrobe.

12. Have some shoe spray for care and protection close to your shoe shelf, this way you will at least do a quick fix before you leave the house (which is better than no shoe care at all).

13. If you do not want your closet to overflow, consider to donate an old piece to a friend or charity when buying something new.

14. Before you buy a button down shirt or blouse, make sure the buttons do not open slightly. If they do, go for a bigger size or another style that can accommodate all your femininity.

15. Build up an essential wardrobe that you rely on for combinations.

16. Do not just store your jewelry in a box, but put it somewhere where you can access and see your stuff easily. This way you will actually wear it more often and find just the right piece for every look.

17. Invest in a good tailor to alter your jackets or coats. The garment will fit a lot better and you will feel more poised when you wear it.

18. If you have difficulties finding the right jeans or trousers for you – buy 2 pairs if you find the ones that perfectly fit. Either you save one pair for later, when the first one starts to ear out and you will save yourself a lot of shopping time. Or you buy one pair with shorter pant legs for flat shoes and one pair with longer pant legs for wearing with heels.

19. To shop online, take your measurements first. Measure your bust, hips, waist and chest.

20 .Nude underwear is your friend. It is barely visible, even under white garments.

21. If you want to add volume to a part of body, you can either wear something

  • like or bright
  • with a big pattern
  • with embellishments and details, think buttons, embroidery, epaulets,
  • with a bigger lapel or collar
  • with ruffles or similar trimmings
  • in horizontal stripes

22. If you want to look a part of your body less voluminous, you can either wear something

  • dark
  • with small pattern
  • in a monochromatic look
  • with a small lapel or collar – or without a collar
  • without ruffles
  • without embellishments or details
  • with vertical stripes

23. Always have a shopping list with you of things you are missing in your wardrobe.

24. When in doubt, buy your shoes half a size larger.

25. Your clothes should reflect your personality. Others will notice if you “put on a show” with how you dress, so just dress your best “you” and be yourself.

26. Be sure to buy clothes that reflect your lifestyle. High heels are too much for most mums. If you usually travel long distances, make sure your clothes are comfortable and do not wrinkle easily. If you live in a place with 10 months of winter, you probably do not need a closet full of bikinis (unless your lifestyle includes loads of vacations at the sea).

27. Know your face shape to buy your accessories in the right shape and size for you.

28. Experiment with belts. You can change the look of an outfit entirely and without any further investment! Think of waist or hip belts, soft belts, belts in your hair color to tie an outfit together, belts with a pop of  color, …

29. When you choose to go voluminous on your upper body, go skinny on your lower body, and vice versa.

30. Shop for garments you like and that suit you. Nothing is as boring as a fashion victim.

31. Do not wear clothes that are too tight or too lose, since both will make you appear bigger.

32. Make sure the garments you splurge on have a timeless look and feel. You can always spice clothing combinations up with a trendy piece of clothing or accessory.

33. If your feet shriek just thinking about that pair of shoes or clothes make you feel uncomfortable, do not buy them. You will not wear them, no matter how fashionable that item is.

34. Never ever wear socks and flat sporty sandals. Though socks and high heel sandals or pumps are fashionable now.

35. Organize your closet.