What to wear when you have a meeting Summer outfit

Just one of those days, when you don’t know what to wear. The sun is at its hottest and you have an exciting meeting.  It took me 3 hours to decide how to look good and survive the heat with your summer outfit.

My Summer outfit wasn’t complete without a Pink top..

I went for a nice pink top to show off the perks of my chest, however the top is a bit wide which takes away from the waist definition. Furthermore, what’s a girl without a statement necklace with nice fun summer colors? Btw: I love the collection of Versace.

High waist pants..

The high waist pants I have to say are my favorite, not to tight and perfect a perfect way to stay out of the sweating zone ( if you know what I mean) Forever 21 has great offers.  The pants flatter my hourglass body curves and give the illusion of longer legs; even though the top ruins it a bit.  So I have to say; the top choice could have been better, but I prefer wider tops during the summer time. The color beige gives the pink top the right balance and still gives you a stylish look as a summer outfit.

Accessories are a must!

Of course some nice black ballerina’s are perfect for the outfit, because let’s be honest who likes wearing high heels when they have to walk all day. Ohh.. I forgot to mention with who my exciting meeting was.  I was going to meet my future boss for an internship in Rome. (Was one of the most exciting moments).

Anyways let’s get back to my  summer outfit, a cute black handbag that can basically fit anything. It carried my iphone, ipad, some papers and even a nice fresh bottle of water.

I’m the kind of girl that has an eye for details; so to finish of the outfit ‘Make up’; I decided to forget about wearing any foundation with 40 degrees heat and just put a nice lady pink lipstick.   You know what the best part of this outfit was? It was totally payable J


After the meeting, I decided to go see the colosseum..

After the meeting, I decided to go see the colosseum


My shopping bag:

  • Pink Top: Zara  30euros
  • Statement necklace: Zara 15euros
  • Pants: Pull and Bear 40euros
  • Black handbag: Mango 35euros














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