What is the best sunglasses for face shape forms is a problem many of asked when presented with lots and lots of choices. As this is a very prominent part of your outfit you need to now which sunglass will compliment it best. On the plus side trying on sunglasses can be fun, especially when you put on that pair of sunglasses that look so ridiculous on you that you can’t help but laugh.

But all fun and games aside, finding the right shape of sunglasses for you can be difficult and frustrating. Unlike other accessories, sunglasses actually rest on your face. It is therefore vital to have a better understanding of your face shape. The shape of your choice in sunglasses goes hand-in-hand with the shape of your face. Everyone is unique in their own way and their own features.

Picking the best Sunglasses for Face Shapes

Don’t be afraid to show your personality with a flashy pair of sunglasses! But first, learn what suits you best because yes, people have different face shapes, and yes, there are many different sunglasses shapes. However, be careful how you combine your face shape with the shape of your sunglasses. Many will clash or fight against the features in your face, while others will accentuate, flatter and compliment your features!

In this article we will help you get an understanding for the best sunglass for face shapes:

  • heart shape
  • square shape
  • round shape
  • diamond face shape
  • long face shape

Here are some tip on how to pick the right sunglasses for your face shape.

Sunglasses for your heart Face Shape

Cat Eye Sunglasses for the heart face shape

Cat Eye Sunglasses



Your features are characterized by a wide-forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin that mimic the shape of a heart.  The perfect pair of sunglasses for you would be cat-shaped. The curve on these glasses will help to accentuate your cheekbones.



Best sunglasses for Face Shape: Square

sunglasses for the Square Face Shape

Try on a couple!



Defined by a prominent jaw-line and symmetrical features like that of a square, your best choice of sunglasses would have round frames. This contrast has the ability to both accentuate your features while softening that hard jaw-line. Try on a couple of different sized round frames. Some people look better in the smaller ones than others. 






The Round Face Shape

The Round Face Shape - Hard Angles

Hard Angles Will Do You Justice



The round face shape is characterized by your features being just as much wide as they are long, but with a soft jaw-line that comes down to a round chin. With your soft jaw-line, it is good for you to wear sunglasses with some definite, hard shapes, in other words, angular frames. This will increase the definition of the features in your face that may be in other words hidden.


Best sunglasses for Face Shape: Diamond 

Oval Shaped Frames For diamond face shape

Oval Shaped Frames For Symmetry



A narrow forehead and narrow chin with an accentuated jaw-line is what defines your face shape. The best sunglasses for you would be oval shaped frames or cat-like frames. Oval shaped frames have the ability to add some symmetry to your features while cat-like frames will help make your jaw-line more predominant.


The Oval Face Shape

Aviators for oval face shape

Can’t Go Wrong With A Classic Pair Of Aviators



Round, elongated and soft features define the oval face shape. A pair of aviators will always look fabulous with your features as well as other frames with softer or less defined angles.

For example, a pair of square like sunglasses with rounded out edges so as to not be too harsh against your delicate features.


The Long Face Shape

Rounded Frames for a long face shape

Rounded Frames Will Do The Trick


The long face shape is known for its, of course, elongated yet defined features. Typically one with a long face shape will have a more predominant jaw-line, this is what makes this face shape different than the oval face shape. Look for sunglasses that have round frames, this contrast will add definition to your jaw-line in the best way.



So Many Options So Little Time

Isn’t that how you feel when you go shopping? Well, now that you have some insight into what to look for when it comes to finding the right sunglasses for your face shape, it’s going to be much easier and less time-consuming to find what you’re looking for. Remember, finding the right shape of sunglasses means having a clear understanding of your own face shape. More knowledge of your own features is always a good thing.It will allow you over time to get the hang out what suits you best and what doesn’t.

We hope this article has made it easier to find the best sunglasses for face shape forms! Let us know in case you have any additional questions or comments!