The Mendrisio FoxTown Factory stores is an outlet in the very south of Switzerland, between Lugano and Milan.

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Foxtown might not look as impressive from outside as some other outlets, but you will be surprised by the many shops you find inside.

There are about 160 outlet stores so do not miss out on this especially if you are in the Mendrisio area anyway!

The FoxTown Factory stores has about 160 stores covering 250 brands, most of them are focused on fashion (e.g. Armani, 2x Burberry, Ferragamo, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Escada, Gucci, Prada, Versace and YSL). There are also some houseware (Villeroy & Boch, Le Creuset)  and watches (Swatch) outlets and they even have a Ferrari Store in the Foxtown outlet!

Inside view of the Foxtown outlet.

Inside view of the Foxtown outlet.

While the variety of brands is very nice do not expect a huge discount, especially for the high fashion brands mentioned above. The prices are lower compared to the normal high street brand stores but do not expect the discounts found in some of the US outlets. If possible try to time your visit to Mendrisio with some of the special sales like around August 1st to get even better prices.  The quality of the clothes is nice though, in case you do not mind items from previous season.

One good thing about the Foxtown outlet is that everything is close together. Compared to the ohter nearby Malls (e.g. Seravalle) the stores are all aranged in a building so you do not need to walk long distances. The downside of course is that you cannot enjoy a nice walk outside while you go shopping.

How to get to to the Foxtown Outlet

FoxTown Factory Stores

Foxtown outlet location on map; Maps: Google

The best way to go to the Foxtown outlet is by car taking highway 2 (E35) exit Mendrisio, the address is

FoxTown, Via A. Maspoli 18
CH-6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland

From Milan you have to take the A9 to Chiasso (Switzerland) which will become highway 2 in Switzerland. In case you are just visiting please make sure you follow the rules especially in Switzerland. There are many speeding traps and the fines are very expensive. The money is better spent at the Foxtown outlet!

In terms of fines, please remember that you have to pay toll fees for highways in Switzerland, the vignette currently costs 40 Swiss francs. If you come from Italy (Milano) you can avoid the 40 francs by taking the A9 to exit Como and from Como take the “normal” road to Chiasso and from there to Lugano. You will have to spend 5 to 10 minutes more but if you only want to go to Switzerland for Fowtown it makes sense to save the 40 francs.

There is a shuttle bus service offered by the Foxtown outlet every 30 minutes from the station, as it is less than 2 kilometers from the Mendrisio train station so you can either  take a taxi (around 25 francs oneway) or the Bus #513 direction Chiasso, Stazione (2 stations).

Foxtown outlet tips from our side

Foxtown outlet shuttle bus

The easieest way to get there without a car is to take the shuttle bus!

Normal shopping hours are Mon – Sun: 11am-7pm, if you plan to go there check out the different sales on the homepage. If you want to save even more check out the homepage for special sales in January and August! Also if you plan to see all the shops go there with comfy shoes and arrive early as it tends to be quite crowded especially on weekends. Please be aware that the Foxtown Outlet is closed on the 1st of January, on Easter Sunday, August 1st and Christmas / Boxing Day.

The food court is typical for an outlet mall, as a tip try the pizza place at the end, very reasonable prices and your guaranteed to not leave hungry.

Foxtown Outlet Ferragamo

The Foxtown Outlet has one of the few Ferragamo outlets in Europe.

For our non EU readers who want to get their VAT back remember that you have to get your forms stamped at the Swiss border! On some days the tax office might be closed so if you want to go shopping on a Sunday best to check the ahead if you plan to cross the border on the same day. The global Blue tax refund office is on level one in front of the Casino Admiral.

There is also a play area for children on the first floor of the outlet, it is located next to the Desigual store when you come from P1.

As with all shopping trips to outlets in case you do not have a car it is a good idea to bring a trolley or another type of wheeled suitcase to the foxtown outlets. This way you can carry around your purchase without having to deal with lots of different paper bags.

Switzerland Outlet - FoxTown Factory stores dog

Cannot accompany you for shopping..

Please be aware that dogs or any other animals are not allowed in the outlet.

Last but not least in case you go to the Foxtown outlet with a car try and leave before the outlet closes. Some of the parking spots can only be reached through a single road so it takes up to half an hour to leave the area if you are unlucky! In case you want to stay to the very end (and trust us, usually you never have enough time!) spend some time in a cafe and only leave after the rush…

Let us know if you shopped there! How did you like it?