Should you buy those fisher pants in Thailand or the camel leather bag in Egypt? Is that Indian Sari for you? And what about that croc belt you found in Australia?

These tips on how to buy fashion souvenirs abroad will help you making the right decision.

Fashion souvenirs – To buy or not to buy?

1. Be sure you will really wear it. The garment or accessory should fulfill the same criteria you would apply for something you would buy at home.

2. In many countries you need to bargain for stuff at local markets. Either prepare yourself for that (it can actually be fun!). If you do not bargaining it at all, ask your hotel for a shop with fixed prices. You might end up paying more, but less stressed.

3. Do not mind the sizes. Either have a calculator with you that converts your size. But in some countries you just need to try it on your fashion souvenir before you buy it. And do not be surprised to buy a triple XXXL in an Asian country even if you wear an S (small) at home.

4. If a garment is handmade, be prepared to hand wash it.

5. Are you allergic to the material of the fashion jewelry or the belt embellishments? If it is not too expensive, you could try it out. Otherwise, think twice.

6. The shop owner says it is real gold or silver – but you are not so sure. If your it is expensive and you are in doubt, do not buy it. Check with your hotel (they might be able to tell if this is a common scam), check the internet,…

7. Is the stitching of a bag or garment too uneven? If it looks “too handmade” – will you still wear you fashion souvenir at home?

8. Does the color go off? That means you need to hand wash it. Apart from that, the color could also bleed into other clothes you wear.

9. Bright colors look great in hot and sunny countries – will you really wear them at home? (This is not a call against bright colors… they can look really great. Just check you would still like it in other surroundings)

10. Will the metal parts corrode easily?

11. Are all the embellishments fixed properly or will they fall of the first time you wear your fashion souvenir?

12. Is there a restriction for the material you want to buy? Most snake leathers are forbidden, as are some other reptile leathers. So check out the internet before you buy that belt or bag. The dealer will usually tell you it is ok to export that accessory. But they are not standing next to you at the customs; there you will have to face those questions all on your own…